Keep Children Reading All Summer Long

Every summer, public libraries all across Utah offer a summer reading program to encourage children to read during the summer. A summer reading program can prevent summer reading loss and offers advantages for struggling and/or reluctant readers. Along with the summer reading program, public libraries support literacy efforts by encouraging lifelong reading by providing access to books, eBooks, audiobooks, internet, computers and literacy based programming.

Summer Reading Programs

Contact your local public library for more information about its Summer Reading Program.

Literacy Tips for Early Readers

Early Readers - 7

Encourage your child to read (or pretend read) to you. Make this reading enjoyable. Applaud your child's efforts to read.

Literacy Tips for Advanced Readers

Advanced Reader - 4

Read to your child regularly, even after your child is able to read some books independently.

Reading Resources

Preschool Path
Visit Preschool Path for online reading games, storybooks, apps and events for Preschoolers.
Utah's Online Library
Access thousands of reference collections and resources categorized by age group to meet your research needs!
Reading Games: K-2 and 3-6
These fun and educational online reading games will help students maintain their reading skills.
Videos from eMedia
Visit UEN's eMedia to download videos of popular picture books, episodes of Reading Rainbow and much more. (Access eMedia from Utah's Online Library.)


Get summer started on the right page with PBS LearningMedia's new Summer of Reading collection! These videos, activities, and interactive games help to build vocabulary and reading comprehension while bringing storybook characters to life.