Oral Presentation Rubric                                

Name: _________________ Teacher: Mr. Skidmore
Date: Class: All
Superior Adequate Minimal Inadequate
Length of Presentation Within two minutes of allotted time . Within four minutes of allotted time. Within six minutes of allotted time . Too long or too short; ten or more minutes above or below the allotted time.
Organization The message is overtly organized. The speaker helps the listener understand the sequence and relationships of ideas by using organizational aids such as announcing the topic, previewing the organization, using transitions, and summarizing. The message is organized. The listener has no difficulty understanding the sequence and relationships among the ideas in the message. The ideas in the message can outlined easily. The organization of the message is mixed up and random. The listener must make some assumptions about the sequence and relationship of ideas. The message is so disorganized you cannot understand most of the message.
Creativity Very original presentation of material; captures the audience?s attention. Some originality apparent; good variety and blending of materials / media. Little or no variation; material presented with little originality or interpretation. Repetitive with little or no variety; insufficient use of materials / media.