UEN-TV Public Service Announcement Guidelines


This document outlines the criteria for determining whether public service announcements (PSAs) broadcast over UEN-TV (KUEN) meet UEN’s standards and conforms to UEN’s mission to provide support and services to Utah public education institutions.


Public Service Announcement (PSA): a non-commercial advertisement typically broadcast on radio or television to raise awareness about issues for the public good.


    1. PSAs aired by UEN-TV will promote or inform the viewer about education programs provided by Utah higher and public education institutions.
    2. PSAs aired by UEN-TV will be from recognized providers like government or educational agencies (ex., Library of Congress encouraging support of local libraries, U.S. Army dropout prevention).
    3. PSAs aired by UEN-TV will be informational or cover instructional topics (ex., “Peace Breaks” to encourage conflict resolution; “Ticktock Minutes” to encourage safety, nutrition, health).
    4. PSAs aired by UEN-TV will promote existing services, telecourses, and institutional education programs.
    5. PSAs aired by UEN-TV will Not sell products or promote outside non-profit community events.
    6. UEN-TV and UEN are not responsible for producing PSAs. If asked, UEN will refer institutions to production agencies.
    7. Final decisions about airing Public Service Announcements are made jointly by the KUEN-TV Program Manager and the Station Manager, and will be based on consistency with and support of mission, continuity in program schedule, and balance between institutions in accordance with the established broadcasting editorial integrity guidelines.
    8. The PSA inventory will be reviewed twice yearly. Outdated announcements will be removed from the broadcast schedule. Institutions should notify UEN-TV if their spots   are date-specific.
    9. PSAs must be broadcast quality, delivered digitally and encoded to UEN’s required file formats. (Specifics are linked here.) These formats may change in the future as technology and equipment change. Where available, captions should also be submitted with the PSAs.
    10. PSAs produced in conjunction with a course from any Utah institution must meet department guidelines and be sponsored by a faculty member. Faculty members must preview material sent to UEN-TV for broadcast.
    11. PSAs of any duration will be accepted, but spots between 10 seconds and three minutes will likely receive more airplay due to the average length of breaks between scheduled programs.

Questions: Kyle Anderson, Program Manager, UEN-TV, 801-581-7749 or Laura Hunter, UEN-TV Station Manager, Director of Instructional Services, Utah Education Network, 801-581-5852.