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Maigret (Expired)

Created by flamboyant author Georges Simenon, pipe-smoking Chief Inspector Maigret is one of this century's classic fictional sleuths. Michael Gambon (Gosford Park, The Singing Detective) gives a superbly understated performance as the sardonic but compassionate Commissaire who, with his unique brand of cool appraisal, never fails to pierce straight to the heart of the crime. Originally part of the PBS Mystery series, Maigret, will delight the drama and mystery fans in your audience.

Maigret (Expired)  
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  • Maigret at the Etoile Du Nord
    Wednesday, February 27
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    A man is killed in a hotel in Paris. Maigret meets a young woman who says she is a prostitute, but she is not what she seems… Directed by Charles Nemes, 2005, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Seven Little Crosses
    Tuesday, February 26
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Mid-August in Paris, and Maigret is due to leave on vacation. But his travel plans are interrupted when a body is discovered... Directed by Jerome Boivin, 2004, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • The Lady's Companion
    Monday, February 25
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Maigret is in Caen to assist in organzing the local police department. There he meets a young woman, who tries to convince him that a murder has taken place… Directed by Franck Apprederis, 2004, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret Rents A Room
    Sunday, February 24
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Maigret poses as a guest to investigate a boarding house where one of his detectives was shot during a stakeout. There, he takes a special interest in a lonely, crippled woman, but it seems all the guests have something to hide. Directed by Laurent Heynemann, 2004, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret at the Doctor's
    Saturday, February 23
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Doctor Baron is a respectable physician, married with two children. When the family's maid dies of poisoning, Maigret appears and begins his investigation. Directed by Claudio Tonetti, 2004, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • A Shadow in the Courtyard
    Friday, February 22
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    aigret investigates after the owner of a drug company is found shot to death. Directed by Charles Nemes, 2004, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret and the Tramp
    Thursday, February 21
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    A March night in Paris. Two circus performers pull a gravely-wounded vagrant out of the river Seine. One of the men, young Van Houtte, states that he noticed a red Peugteot on the quay shortly before the accident.
    Maigret tracks down the car only to find that the two occupants are innocent.... Directed by Laurent Heynemann, 2004, color.
  • Little Pigs Without A Tail
    Wednesday, February 20
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Marcel, Germaine's husband, has gone missing. And Germaine, a young woman just turned 20, is ready to do anything to find him.......even going as far as to ask Maigret to track him down.

    The investigation develops into a game of hide-and-seek between the young woman and the superintendent as to who will find the first clue and who will inform the other about what.....

    Maigret isn't always willing to lend himself to the game, but how can he resist the charms of the wilful and high-spirited young Germaine? Directed by Charles Nemes, 2004, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret Has Scruples
    Tuesday, February 19
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Maigret saw a lot of people today. First, Xavier Marton, a shy and unimpressive man who accused his wife of wanting to poison him. Then his wife, Gisele Marton, who had followed him to Maigret's offices. According to her, Mr. Marton is neurotic.

    After a brief investigation, Maigret learns that Xavier Marton is in love with his sister-in-law, sweet, loving Jenny. He also learns that Mrs. Marton is having an affiar with her associate.
    During a second meeting at headquarters, Xavier Marton describes is wife as an ambitious woman who thinks her husband is a good-for nothing. He announces that he will kill her if he ever starts to feel the effects of being poisoned again.

    The next night, Xavier Marton is murdered. Poisoned......... Directed by Pierre Joassin, 2004, color.
  • Maigret's Boyhood Friend
    Monday, February 18
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Maigret's long-lost school chum, Leon Florentin, turns up at headquarters. Florentin, although much less chatty than in the old days, tells the Chief Inspector that Josee, mistress of many men, has just been murdered that day...in her apartment. Florentin, her one true love, was there at the time but saw nothing.....He was hiding in the closet!

    Josee was a woman kept by four different men. Each paid her regular visits and none knew about the others...... Directed by Laurent Haynemann, 2003, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret's Failure
    Sunday, February 17
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Maigret is absent-mindedly investigating a case that bores him. He receives the visit of Fumal, a powerful businessman who complains of having received menacing letters and asks for protection because of the power he wields in financial and political circles. Maigret, who knew him when he was a boy, finds him just as unpleasant as in the past and unwillingly takes on the case. In spite of his house being watched by the police, Fumal is found murdered the next morning. Directed by Jacques Fansten, 2003, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • To Any Lengths
    Saturday, February 16
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    The note, found in a cafe, was odd:
    "At 5PM I will kill the fortune-teller. Signed, Picpus."
    And despite every precaution, at 5PM a fortune-teller was found murdered. And locked in the room next door, for reasons unknown, was a tired, old man who had seen and heard nothing. In July's sultry heat, with the Tour de France bicycle race reaching its exciting climax, Maigret finds himself mysteriously drawn to the poor fellow. And so, the inspector gets caught up in an investigation where nothing makes any sense. Directed by Jacques Fansten, 2003, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret and the Princess
    Friday, February 15
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    The eminent man whose long-time beloved had just become free turns up dead, with no motives, no enemies, and no forced entry. Rare excursion by Maigret into the world of the aristocracy. Directed by Laurent Heynemann. 2003, color. In French with English Subtitles.
  • Felicie's House
    Thursday, February 14
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    A dead body at a new housing estate; routine for Maigret?except that the victim?s flaky young housekeeper Felicie seems to have a genius for getting Maigret?s goat, while refusing to lift a finger to help.
  • Maigret Goes to School
    Wednesday, February 13
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Schoolteacher Joseph Gastin is an outsider in his little town, and now that its former post-mistress has been shot dead in a window of her own home, he’s sure he’ll be the fall guy—time to call for Maigret. Only trouble is, Gastin is the prime suspect. Directed by Yves de Chalonge. 2002, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret and the Madman of St. Clothilde
    Tuesday, February 12
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Maigret follows a man who jumps off a train, only to end up in the hospital and suspected of being a multiple-murdering madman. Directed by Claudio Tonetti, 2002, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret and the Minister
    Monday, February 11
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    A State sanatorium has just collapsed killing 128 children. When the construction of the building was being planned, an eminent public works specialist, Professor Calame, had predicted the catastrophe. However, his warnings went unheeded. It is in the interest of many politicians implicated in the affair that this expert's report should disappear. The minister, Auguste Point, had the report in his possession for a few hours, but it was stolen from him. He can't make a statement to the public who would immediately accuse him of having destroyed the document to save himself and his colleagues. In desperation he asks Superintendent Maigret to discreetly recover the report, or to at least find the thief. Directed by Christian de Chalonge, 2002, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret and the Wine Merchant
    Sunday, February 10
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Upon leaving a hotel where he had spent the afternoon with his secretary, Oscar Chabut is murdered. As he questions the victim's family and many employees, Maigret discovers what kind of man he was. After a difficult start Chabut succeeded, thanks to persistent hard work, in setting up and managing a large and profitable business. In spite of this he remained shy and needy, in order to bolster his confidence, to dominate, denigrate and humiliate people. This explains his many short-lived affairs and the cynicism with which he eliminated his competitors. Naturally Maigret looks in both these directions and especially into the possible existence of jealous husbands who might have sought revenge. Directed by Christian de Chalonge, 2001, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • The Open Window
    Saturday, February 9
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    No description available.
  • My Friend Maigret
    Friday, February 8
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Shortly after boasting of his supposed friendship with Maigret, a beach bum on a tiny island off the Mediterranean coast of France ends up dead. And Maigret¹s ensuing investigation becomes a kind of a reunion with old acquaintances‹as well a chance, in the tropical atmosphere, to actually doff his tie! Directed by Bruno Gantillon, 2001, in color. In French with English Subtitles.
  • Maigret and the Fortune Hunter
    Thursday, February 7
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    A very beautiful woman, Mary, is found dead, strangled, lying on a bed of straw in a stable close to a canal lock. Maigret was looking for her in connection with a jewel robbery. Since the murder was committed in Belgium, Maigret has been sent there by Interpol. The investigation has trouble getting under way in the very closed world of bargemen. Maigret has several suspects, all are moored in the canal and are waiting for the dead woman to talk, to point to her murderer so they can cast off. There's the "Boxer" who never climbed into a ring; there's also Willy, the dandy at the service of Sir Lampson and his launch, who will be the second victim; and finally Sir Lampson himself, a retired Colonel from the Indian Army and Mary's husband. Voices are raised, feelings start to run high, and in spite of Maigret forbidding it, the bargemen decide to cast off to save their cargoes and to escape from the killer. However, the murderer is the silent towman, Jean, who works for the barge "La Providence" and prefers the company of his horses. He would have been a man of position and wealth if fifteen years earlier he hadn't fallen hopelessly in love with a woman too fond of jewelry. Directed by Andre Chandelle, 2001, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret and the Rich
    Wednesday, February 6
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    As Commissioner Maigret enters the Parendon mansion, he realizes that his investigation must be conducted with the utmost discretion, equaling that of its inhabitants. The wealthy business attorney, Mr. Parendon, has summoned the commissioner after having received an anonymous letter containing threats of a bloody drama to befall his family in the near future. A rather mundane request for Maigret; an uncommitted crime lacking a suspect and a motive. There are no guilty parties as no murder has been committed... And yet, the atmosphere is heavy with tension in this milieu that is more foreign to him than that of the common or even the white-collar criminal. Here, in the vast living rooms, bedrooms and offices dressed in antiques and original works of art, the occupants’ personalities are steeped in complication: The attorney himself, a brilliant businessman but a husband and father of a rather fragile nature... His wife, Gassin de Baulieu, accustomed to decades of authority and security... Gus and Bambi, their children, struggling under the weight of wealth and etiquette.... The secretary, a certain Miss Vague, whose name is quite aptly chosen!... The attorney’s associates, with hidden ambitions.... and the numerous servants, well trained in the art of silence.... Who is it that puts pen to paper each day to churn out these morbid anonymous letters, threatening the worst with great precision? Who will be the victim? And above all, who will commit the unspeakable foreshadowed assassination in the presence of Commissioner Maigret, who is riddled with guilt by his own inability to prevent the crime. Provoked by the actual murder, Maigret steps up his investigation, bringing this prestigious family down to a normal human level. Pulling out all the stops, the Commissioner finds his marks and arrives at the conclusion that he first suspected but refused to admit, even to himself!! Directed by Denys Granier-Deferre, 2000, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret Sees Double
    Tuesday, February 5
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    When Commissioner Maigret receives a call from Olmetta asking him to certify the death of a certain Maurice Tremblet, one question immediately springs to mind: " Why kill a man like that? Ordinary guys aren’t murdered... " The victim, an ordinary accountant, had a life filled with very ordinary things: his apartment, his kids, his wife and his canary, who was said to be his only friend. Who, then, would fire a shotgun from the hotel on the opposite side of the street to kill this simple man? Conducting his investigation with the help of his nephew Paul, Maigret soon realizes that Maurice Tremblet’s life was not as simple as it appeared. Over several hours, Maigret traces Tremblet’s steps all the way to the assassin who still has the smoking gun in his hand: an air gun, used more often at faire grounds than to kill a simple man who has strayed off the beaten path... on a day almost as ordinary as all the others..Directed by Francois Luciani, 2000, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • First Class Murder
    Monday, February 4
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    A man is stabbed to death with an enormous tie pin on a train near the Franco-Belgian border. Young inspector Paul Lachenal is called in to investigate the crime, which happened in a first class car. All too conscious of his inexperience on the job, the novice inspector turns to his uncle Maigret for help.....
  • Death in a Vegetable Garden
    Sunday, February 3
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Very strange, the cadaver of this homeless bum, discovered at dawn in the shed of a vegetable garden in Saint-Mesmin. Equally strange, the two sisters who own the tool shed and the several meters of growing vegetables that surround it. They haven't spoken to each other since long before the war and, in the village, no one has the same version of the cause of their dispute which goes back to 1924. Only the notary of the next village over, an old friend of the family, knows that Antonin is responsible for it all. Thirty years ago, Antonin was engaged to one of the sisters, but married the other, probably for her inheritance. He then disappeared. The sisters divided their house in two, with two entrances and a wall to separate them. But that didn't stop the loud arguments heard several times a week with much swearing involved. Maigret, who was already investigating the murder of a homeless bum in Paris, arrives in Saint-Mesmin to see if the two murders may somehow be connected. And if he has this idea running through his head, it must be true... Thus he debarks to torment the Fouly family, rich farmers with a grandmother as stubborn as a mule. Stubborn, yes, and perhaps a bit senile, but full of memories nonetheless. Then there is Louis, the youngest son, who is not telling everything he knows. Maigret also encounters a group of youngsters that hold a dance every Saturday night in a barn, and many of the villagers who come to look at the body without any recognition of who it might be. No one knows. And the icing on the cake: he must enter the Sirouet sisters' home. They must have the key to the mystery surrounding the death... But getting past their doors is like breaking into a prison in broad daylight... Directed by Edwin Baily, 1999, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Mrs. Four and Her Children
    Saturday, February 2
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    When Commissioner Vaimber gives his colleague and cousin Maigret the case of the pharmacist's wife, he doesn't really know what to make of her. Agitated, on the run with her children, she claims to have seen the corpse of a young woman in her basement, apparently assassinated by her husband! Upon reading the sketchy deposition, Maigret touches upon a few facts that could be true. But what should he believe? A real murder? Who is the perpetrator of the crime? He or she? And where is the husband now, disappeared at the same moment as the corpse that was never found. Maigret sees only one solution to elucidate the mystery: go incognito, under the assumed identity of a salesman, to the boarding house where the pharmacist's wife and her children have taken refuge, to watch her every move in the hope of finding contradictory behavior... And so he does. Arriving under the pseudonym of Jules Fontaine, Maigret remains in the company of Mrs. Four: (She is called Mrs. Four because she occupies Room 4 at the boarding house.) He discovers therein the micro-society of this establishment on the outskirts of town... Day after day, Maigret slyly takes advantage of the help offered by the personnel and the occupants of the establishment as he retraces the steps of the murderer. A murderer who is crouching nearby in the shadows, ready to pounce on the prey who committed the error of being witness to his last murder... Directed by Philippe Berenger, 1991, color. In French with English subtitles.
  • Maigret Versus Mister Cavre
    Friday, February 1
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    The head of the French Ministry of Justice is very worried about his sister. She lives in Belgium where she is married to Etienne Naud, a rich Belgian horse breeder. Rumors are circulating throughout their village that accuse Naud of murdering a young man. The head of the French Ministry asks Maigret to go to Belgium to stop the defamatory rumours. An off-the-record favour, to be accomplished with the utmost discretion, of course. On the train, Maigret is surprised to see Mr. Cavre, an ex-law enforcement officer whose nickname was "Inspector Cadaver". Mr. Cavre has since opted for a career as a private investigator. Upon arrival, Maigret continues to be surprised. No matter where he goes in the village to conduct his investigation, Cavre has been there before him. Obviously, the detective is there for the same reasons.... Who hired Cavre? The murderer? But, did a murder really take place? Was it not, perhaps, an accident? Maigret is convinced that it is Inspector Cadaver who holds the key to the whole affair... Directed by Pierre Joassin, 1998, color. In French with English subtitles.