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Samaqan Water Stories

North America's Indigenous people have always had a sacred relationship with water. Watch and get a new and refreshing perspective on a most precious resource - a resource to be protected, not a commodity to be exploited. SAMAQ'AN looks at the spiritual and physical connections to water.

  • Fish Lake Part 2
    Tuesday, December 10
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Gathered together for their 18th Annual Gathering at Fish Lake, the community is fighting to save Fish Lake frome being drained by mining companies.
  • Xax fla lise sla: Ground Zero in the Battle Against Endbridge Northern
    Thursday, December 12
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    We visit the villages of "Old Town" Kitimaat and Q'ell, home to a small band of Tsimshian who are in the pathway of potential Tanker traffic. They are fighting an active campaign against the Enbridge Northern Gateway project. Art Sterrit and Gerald Amos show us the territory, a vast and open oceanic landscape that is full of life. This is the community where the BC Ferry, Queen of the North, sits at the bottom of the ocean floor a few short minutes from their doorstep.
  • Letter from Athabasca
    Tuesday, December 17
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    George Poitras on "Bloody Oil." George gives is a OILSANDS 100 lesson about everything wrong with the Alberta Oil Sands development. He fights an often lonely battle against the behemoth energy dependent province he lives in.
  • The Gulf Story, Part 1
    Thursday, December 19
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    What happened on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico? Who suffers the most and what, if any, is the impact of Native Americans who may live in the area? We bring the story to Canadian viewers from a unique Canadian voice and an eye to prepare for potential future impacts of resource development. We meet journalists, restaurateurs and some Cajuns. Oddly, the Native Americans who live in the area are unrecognized tribe.
  • The Gulf Story, Part 2
    Tuesday, December 24
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    We meet Derek Billiot, a Houma Native American and self-described swampman. During the first few days of the oil disaster on April 20, 2010, He stood by listened and watched daily reports of the attempt to cap the oil leak as his tour operations started shutting down, like all other businesses in the parish of Plaquemines. The coast guard had shut down any unnecessary travel in the swamplands in southern Louisiana. When his phones started ringing again, it was the oil cleanup forces and that's when Derek went back to work for the Vessel of Opportunity. He didn't like what he saw.
  • The Gulf Story, Part 3
    Thursday, December 26
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    In the bayou's of Louisiana there is great pride in their culture and accompanying cuisine. The history is much like that of Canada where a blending of cultures has resulted in one distinctive region that rates with French and Italian cuisine as among the classics. The unique blend of French and African immigrants with the local indigenous population is often called Creole. After the Treaty of Utrecht, the French who settled in Nova Scotia were expelled. We meet relatives of the French Acadians who moved to the area during the infamous Acadian Expulsion. We meet southern belle, Miss Laura Anne Chaisson.
  • Wild Rice
    Tuesday, December 31
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    In the 1920's wild rice was brought to northern plains of Saskatchewan to help harvest food for muskrats. Indians were hired to grow it and before too long the Cree and Chippeweyan in the region became experts at growing the swampy grain. Nowadays, the Lac LaRonge Indian bands are among the worlds top growers. We look at their story of success. We also have some recipes with demonstrations on our website.
  • The Ooligan
    Thursday, January 2
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Often called candlefish, Eulachon is a staple food source for northwest coast first nations. The tiny fish is threatened. Once plentiful in over thirty river systems, the Eulachon now returns to only three Canadian rivers and two in Alaska. The loss of the fish can be tragic for the tribes that rely upon the rich omega oils derived from rendering the fish. We go to one of the "Grease camps" in the Nass Valley and we meet the "Dirty Dozen" and watch as they render the fish oils for trade and consumption.
  • Without Running Water
    Tuesday, January 7
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Even today many First Nation communities are faced with living without running water in their homes. Visit St. Theresa Point in Manitoba to see how they are providing clean drinking water to their communities.
  • Without Running Water, Part 2
    Thursday, January 9
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Families in Island Lake, Manitoba struggle without running water. The challenges include raising healthy children, keeping their homes clean and water delivery systems.
  • Kitigan Zibi Waters
    Tuesday, January 14
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Kitigan Zibi, formerly known as Maniwaki, P.Q, has had its fair share of boiled water advisories. Hear how this Algonquin nation beat the odds and developed a water treatment plant that stopped the frequency of boiling their water.
  • Kanawake Waters
    Thursday, January 16
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Another community struggles with their water issues and have grown tired of boiled water advisories. See how Kanawake, home of the Mohawk nation living right by the St. Lawrence Seaway, is handling this serious on-going problem.
  • Kanawake Waters, Part 2
    Tuesday, January 21
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    The Mohawk are resilient and show an affinity to water with a long history of athleticism. In part two of the Kanawake community?s issue with water problems, we talk to Olympic athletes Waneek Horn Miller and Alwyn Morris to give us a unique perspective of their connection to water.
  • Paddle to Squaxin
    Thursday, January 23
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    The annual canoe journey along the Pacific coast of British Columbia is a major summer event that has grown in numbers over the years. In this episode we meet Arvid Charlie, canoe builder and captain of the canoe family of the Cowichan tribe.
  • Nala Winds
    Tuesday, January 28
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Nala Winds is a young canoe family from Bella Bella who takes part in the annual canoe journey. They are featured in this episode as they launch their expedition out of beautiful Cowichan Bay.
  • Kwumut Lelum
    Thursday, January 30
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    We meet the children in care and Elders of Kwumut Lelum from Nanaimo, BC, who partake in the annual canoe Tribal Journey as part of their healing.


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  • Fish Lake Part 1
    Thursday, December 5
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Many Natives come together to save Fish Lake from being drained from mining companies.
  • Fraser River Part 2
    Tuesday, December 3
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    The Fraser River is one of the most exploited and industrialized rivers in the continent. Farms and pulp mills dot the landscape and have altered the health of the river with no slow down of activity in sight. The North part of the Fraser River is home to the Musquoi people who have witnessed many changes to the Fraser Basin.
  • Fraser River Pt. 1
    Tuesday, November 26
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    The river Stalow meaning people of the river, it is important part of the people because it runs through the middle of their territory.
  • Sacred Head Waters
    Thursday, November 21
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    On this episode of Samaqan Water stories we take you to three major river systems: The Nas, The Skeena and the Stakteen of Northern British Columbia.
  • Posonut - Baskets
    Tuesday, November 19
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Learn how to make a Posonut Basket.
  • Akwesasne Part 2
    Thursday, November 14
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Samaqan Water Stories- Purpose for development was for society to gain jobs and build an economy. Due to the pollution from the development, the community became down stream,down gradiant, and down air from the industries and it became the communities problems.
  • Akwesasne Part 1
    Tuesday, November 12
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Exploring human connections to water in the indigenous world, and how they are a mix of physical and spiritual, pragmatic and soul-nourishing.
  • Haida Gwaii
    Thursday, November 7
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    Haida Gwaii goes to the northern archipelago on Canada's West Coast where ecology, economy, culture and traditional knowledge all hold value. Subsistence harvesters, biologists and artists talk about the strategy of marine protection and the link between oceans and Haida art and culture
  • Remembering Celilo Part 2
    Tuesday, November 5
    2:00 pm on FNX 9.3
    How the Dalles Dam affected the Nez Perce and Klickitat people.