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Tribal Police Files

Tribal Police Files takes viewers on a front seat ride-along with First Nations police services. From the daily challenges of life on-duty to the ongoing involvement in rebuilding their communities off-the-clock, officers share the most dangerous moments they have faced in the line of duty while stressing the importance of cultural practices and staying strong for their families.

  • Rock Slide
    Wednesday, April 8
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    This action packed episode kicks off with the St'at'imc Fountain Valley Xaxli'p First Nation declaring a state of emergency due to a dangerous rock slide closing a major road. Constable Mitch Thevarge responds to confusing reports of a man in crisis. Chief Officer Dee Doss-Cody reveals the impacts of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on the job.
  • Road Work
    Wednesday, April 15
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    Introducing the Ontario First Nations community of Rama, and one of the most unique Tribal Police Services in Canada.
  • Dial No More
    Wednesday, April 22
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    A violent domestic dispute is defused, a gun is drawn for the first time, and a suspect is taken in for harassing his bank manager.
  • On The Loose
    Wednesday, April 29
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    A typical week in Rama involves an escaped llama, a badmouthing drug dealer and an old man locked out of his own house
  • The Pursuit
    Wednesday, May 6
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    Tribal Police are kept busy assisting a 911 call and pursuing dangerous suspects through the woods, along the highway - and from the skies.
  • Casino
    Wednesday, May 13
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    Community life may have been simpler before it arrived, but Casino Rama has brought economic stability and growth - as well as some new challenges.
  • Wear A Vest
    Wednesday, May 20
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    A Rama police officer responding to a call never knows what's going to happen.
  • Day in the Life
    Wednesday, May 27
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    In a First Nations community like Rama, officers learn to take the good with the bad and make sure they maintain a positive connection with children and young people.
  • The Chase
    Wednesday, June 3
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    A slippery suspect is contained within a police perimeter, but it takes most of the day to flush him out.


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  • School and Guns
    Wednesday, April 1
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    Constable Mitchell Thevarge responds to a shooting at an elementary school. The action continues when Constable Len Isaac attends a call about a woman in crisis at Fountain Flats. And Chief Officer Dee Doss-Cody takes part in a community gathering where locals share the importance of having the tribal police service.
  • Knife
    Wednesday, March 25
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    Constable Mitchell Thevarge attends a disturbing domestic violence call that involves threats with a hunting knife. Constable Leonard Isaac arrests a man for being intoxicated in public who suffers from flashbacks of residential school. And community and cultural leader Roger Adolph shares the importance of the salmon to the St'at'imc peoples.
  • Intoxicated Male
    Wednesday, March 18
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    Constable Len Isaac and Sergeant Dale Austinson respond to a domestic, and describe how alcohol fuels violence. Dwayne Honeyman shares how stress and exhaustion led him to temporarily leave the Stl'atl'imx Tribal Police Service. And an officer faces real frustration when he struggles to arrest a violent and intoxicated man while members of the public record the incident with their cell phones.
  • Mother In Crisis
    Wednesday, March 11
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    Stl'atl'imx Tribal Police officers respond to a heart-breaking situation involving a mother in crisis. Chief Officer Dee Doss-Cody visits the pit houses of her ancestors and is empowered by her people's heritage. And when a call comes in of a crime in progress, officers put their training and experience to the test.
  • Cyber Bullying
    Wednesday, March 4
    9:30 pm on FNX 9.3
    Tribal police officers respond to a call about cyberbullying against a local teenager. Constable Dwayne Honeyman drives a long and treacherous road to track down the subject of a warrant. And Stl'atl'imx Tribal Police officers gain the strength to deal with modern policing issues by drawing lessons from traditions and culture.