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Career Decisions: Nutrition/Dietetics - Student Ex Interv

Nutrition and dietetics have become two of the most important careers in the 21st century. New findings indicate that diet plays a major role in good health and the cause of many of the chronic diseases that plague people in their later years. Six students from two major nutrition and dietetics universities in the country provide insights into becoming, and participating in, nutrition/dietetics school.

Career Decisions: Nutrition/Dietetics - Student Ex Interv  
  • Two Young Male Nutrition/Dietetic Students
    Wednesday, May 25
    9:28 am on UEN-TV 9.1
    Two young male students talk about their choice of going into the nutrition/dietetics professions. In doing so they discuss what attracted them to the field, the high school courses they took in preparation for getting into nutrition/dietetics school and the courses they found most interesting and the courses they found most difficult once in school. Both describe the philosophy they have with regard to patients in terms of helping them regain and maintain good health through proper nutrition. Lastly they comment on and provide advice to men who wish to become a nutritionist in a largely female dominated profession.
  • Two Older Male Nutrition/Dietetic Students
    Wednesday, May 25
    9:39 am on UEN-TV 9.1
    Making a career change later in life is always a major challenge. Two older men made just as a choice. Each give their unique perspective about choosing nutrition as a career later in life, the process of getting into nutrition school, and the experience of the school itself. They also discuss the three pillars of being a nutritionists 1] love of science 2] love of working with people and 3] the love of food. They also talk about the positive job prospects offered for nutritionists and give strong recommendations for those considering going back to school.
  • Two Female Nutrition/Dietetic Students
    Wednesday, May 25
    9:55 am on UEN-TV 9.1
    Of the major challenges facing minority communities is the availability of good nutrition particularly early in life. In recognition of this issue more minorities are being attracted to the profession of nutrition/dietetics. Two nutrition students, one black and one Hispanic, talk about choosing nutrition as a career, getting into nutrition school, the experience of being a minority in the school itself and their hopes and dreams as a dietitian. In addition, each speaks about her perspective on the importance of good nutritional information and practices for the future of black and Hispanic communities.


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