UEN Projects and Initiatives For FY2013

This initiatives list represents projects that will be addressed during fiscal year 2013 (July 2012-June 2013). This does not include ongoing operations or maintenance items.

Network Services Application Services Support Services Operational Services

Network Services Lead % Complete Status Report as of 7/15/2013
1 arrow icon Complete Metro Ring project J.Stewart
90% USU, Salt Palace, 100 GigE turn up remaining
2 arrow icon Complete BTOP project J.Brown
98% Original project scope is 98% complete. NTIA approved grant deadline extension to May 31, 2013 which includes additional infrastructure hardware and fiber IRUs.
3 arrow icon Support SC12 conference J.Stewart
complete Completed Nov. 2012
4 arrow icon Complete EPSCoR connectivity projects J.Egly complete All optical network components in place and in operation and ready to terminate to stakeholder layer 2/3 network devices.
5 arrow icon Install non-BTOP head start & elementary sites J.Brown
85% This status pertains to all UEN awarded head start and elementary schools.
6 arrow icon Initiate Tellabs backbone conversion J.Brown 5% This project is pending E-rate funding. UEN is currently completing planning activities.
7 arrow icon Complete move into the USU RCDE building L.Valles
complete This work is complete.
8 arrow icon Upgrade Uinta basin network with Strata K.Dutt complete Completed August 2012
9 arrow icon Develop comprehensive plan for move to Downtown Data Center J.Stewart 75% Meetings were held throughout the last 4 months of 2012. Needed data was collected, a report format was agreed upon and writing assignments were made. The report elements are in being written and in February and March, 2013, these report elements will be consolidated and presented in a first draft. The team, comprised of University of Utah and UEN staff, will revise and finish the report and then determine next steps.
10 arrow icon Resolve IRON I2 issues J.Stewart
complete Completed August 2012
11 arrow icon Provide commodity connectivity for UMontana J.Stewart
complete UEN has completed the work necessary to provide this servcie. UMontana has not yet begun to use the service and is working out some technical details. University of Utah and UEN are working together to finalize contracts with IRON and UMontana.
12 arrow icon Complete the NOC/TSSC redesign T.Jessup complete Working on finalizing the visualization systems during the week of January 21. Everything should be complete by February 1, 2013.
13 arrow icon Update the online public file for KUEN K.Krier
complete Completed Sept 30, 2012
14 arrow icon Planning and release annual WAN RFP L.Kuhn
complete Evaluations and awards completed on 1-24. New contract negotiations underway.
15 arrow icon Conduct SIP pilot J.Stewart 30% Reviewing RFI proposals.
16 arrow icon Upgrade Omneon server for KUEN P.Titus complete Equipment ordered, received and installed.
17 arrow icon Regents/UHEAA diverse network connectivity to Downtown Data Center J. Egly
18 Level3 router upgrades K.Quire 10% Developing configs
19 EBC Enterprise LAN upgrades K.Quire 10% Firewalls on order
20 Panguitch CO MPLS Conversion K.Quire 10% In planning stages
21 Internet Border Router Replacement K.Quire 0% Waiting for funding

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Application Services Lead % Complete Status Report as of 7/19/2013
22 arrow icon Rewrite and launch Independent Materials alignment K.Branson
Deferred to FY14
The interface that aligners use to submit their alignment is back online.
23 arrow icon Standardize on Oracle & Postgres databases B.Peterson 45%
Deferred to FY14
All new development is against PostgreSQL and many major services have moved to PostgreSQL. Mostly Sybase Databases left to move to PostgreSQL
24 arrow icon Retool web hosting toward increased automation B.Peterson 40%
Deferred to FY14
All Development, Preview, Release Candidate, and Production environments for www.uen.org are operational and will be in production in August 2013.
25 arrow icon Expand content learning management ecosystem K.Garrett complete Informational website and video were created and posted online: uen.org/legislature
26 arrow icon Update UEN.org website K.Krier complete Plan to launch in Aug. 2013.
27 arrow icon Pilot-test of VMware Cloud B.Peterson 20%
Deferred to FY14
Allocated some small hardware resources. No longer waiting on collaboration time with Higher Ed. IT Staff. Higher Ed. asked UEN to not be involved. Will move to private cloud operationally for internal stuff and current hosted services.
28 arrow icon Complete my.UEN enhancements K.Branson
Ongoing The Documents Manager and message portlets were revised to allow educators to easily add images to their my.uen pages. The Services / Tools portlet now provides access to the UIMC+ eMedia for educators in UIMC districts / school.
29 arrow icon Explore broader UEN role in consortium software L.Kuhn Ongoing On schedule; Adobe, Canvas, filtering, Pioneer, UIMC Complete
30 arrow icon Support UIMC licensing, accounting, member services L.Hunter complete FY12 licensing complete, FY13 billing complete, evaluations on schedule.; FY14 buy complete.
31 arrow icon Update the lesson plan tool K.Branson
Deferred to FY14
32 arrow icon Integrate Open Tapestry and my.UEN K.Krier complete Decision not to pursue.
33 arrow icon Expand eMedia integrations with Canvas, Learning K.Garrett complete Equella/Canvas integration completed in March 2013.
34 arrow icon Support UDA project B.Peterson 95%
Deferred to FY14
All Data Spirals from initial load through spiral 3 are available in staging and production environments. Data quality evaluations completed through Spiral 2 and are in progress on spiral 3.
35 arrow icon Explore NET+ partnership opportunities; pilot-testing S.Allen
Ongoing Pilot-testing SeeVogh with UU continues; Canvas Net+ service validation phase is about 95% complete.
36 arrow icon Develop state government IVC support plan J.Egly 90% Pending response from DTS regarding how they want to proceed with new UEN proposal for UEN IVC services.
37 arrow icon Complete Virtual Route Forwarding project K.Quire
K. Dutt
50% Project is currently focused on improvements with USU and the U of U.
38 arrow icon Rewrite Distance Education Catalog K.Branson complete Complete
39 arrow icon Resolve filtering issues and move districts to cloud J.Stewart
complete Filtering RFP currently out, and expected to be completed by the end of January. iBoss deployment underway.
40 Explore consortium licensing for NBC Learn L.Hunter complete Decision not to pursue.
41 arrow icon IVC Network Capitol Refresh Planning J.Egly 15%
Deferred FY14
42 arrow icon Microwave Refresh/Replacement (Daggett, Grand and San Juan Licensed Microwave) J.Egly 10%
Deferred FY14
Dennis Sampson and Jeff Egly are assembling network design and grant detail to apply for CIB grant in October '13. Microwave costs assembled. Still required is the Ancillary DC and AC power requirements, and layer 2/3 network design and network hardware requirements.
43 arrow icon Develop online Civics/Character Ed PD Course L.Hunter 33% Initial planning and development stages. Mou complete; on schedule.
44 arrow icon Move to Downtown Data Center B.Peterson 75%
Deferred to FY14
DDC POP is online. Enterprise Networking Gear installed and initial configuration. Inter device physical connections in place. Layer 2 Ethernet and Fiber Channel connection between EBC and DDC are physically patched and need testing. Server and Rack networking Gear installed and connected. NAS Storage installed.

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Support Services Lead % Complete Status Report as of 7/11/2013
45 arrow icon Implement 2012 Intel Teach grant R. Bentley complete 10 sections offered.
46 arrow icon Launch new courses aligned to standards; track L.Hunter complete Completed Nov. 2012 Added 4 Intel courses, Teaching and Learning with iPads, eBooks and eReaders in the Classroom, Teach Online with Canvas CMS, Utah Core Curriculum Resources and Projects, Canvas LMS: Deliver Instruction Online.
47 arrow icon Support new Cyberpedagogy endorsement with USBE M.Hintze complete 3 courses developed and completed, starts January 17
48 arrow icon Produce guides for effective technology use in the classroom L.Hunter complete 18 guides published.
49 arrow icon Support Utah EPSCoR projects L.Hunter
Ongoing Education-engagement projects on track as described in NSF proposals
50 arrow icon Create new online courses with USBE Specialists D.Jones Ongoing Courses developed and deployed, undergoing course revision and improvements based on pilot semester.
51 arrow icon Promote NetSafe Utah solution for CIPA compliance R.Cline 85% CIPA compliance letter sent to superintendent's and principals; NetSafe trainers responding to presentation requests.
52 arrow icon Support USHE TICE project: courses, videos, website K.Garrett complete Supporting ongoing projects as needed
53 arrow icon Support UtahFutures.org L.Hunter
complete Website, videos complete; additional support as requested. Hosted NROC webinars to aid in course development. Steering Cmte and workgroup support ongoing
54 arrow icon Complete installation of 80 IVC sites D.Mahaffey 99.5% 50 new IVC classroom have been installed and 28 IVC classroom have been moved or upgraded. The last classroom installation has been started. The room is waiting for desks to be setup before the IVC installation can be completed.
55 arrow icon Complete USHE security assessments T.Jessup complete Three institutions are complete, Continuing process for the remaining.
56 arrow icon Support conferences: UtahSAINT, SUECON, etc. J.Stewart complete Conferences FY13 complete.
57 arrow icon Complete engagement activities with diverse audiences L.Cohne complete Complete. As of 12/1/12, five film screenings took place at museums, libraries and higher ed. institutions with over 200 participants highlighting American Indian Heritage Month.
58 arrow icon Complete VoteUtah activities with KUED, KBYU and radio partners L.Hunter
complete Completed Nov. 6, 2012 - ed website, PR to journalism departments, promoted in a variety of ways, supported debatee video and audio files in eMedia
59 arrow icon Support NSF, and other grant projects with STEM faculty L.Hunter
complete Met FY13 goals; on schedule.
60 arrow icon Explore Teaching Channel partnership with USBE and teacher ed programs L.Hunter complete Meetings in Dec 2012, partnership outlined and in progress with USBE; contract complete.
61 arrow icon Propose eBooks solutions for public ed committee R.Cline 50%
Deferred FY14
Consensus to Defer until FY14.
62 arrow icon Implement 2013 Intel Teach grant R. Bentley 0%  
63 arrow icon Support UCET Conference R. Finlinson complete Completed March 2013.
64 Implement NROC Webinars and Training K.Garrett complete Converted NROC courses to Canvas IMSCC format. As new content is released from NROC, we will add it to eMedia. Additional trainings and webinars will be scheduled as needed.
65 Research online Ed Tech Endorsement program L.Hunter 10%
Deferred FY14
Initial meetings with SUU, SEDC, and others
66 Design FY14 Training program for web conferencing J.Brooksby 0%
Deferred FY14
Pending RFP award.

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Operational Services Lead % Complete Status Report as of 7/19/2013
67 Hire new Executive Director E.Denna complete Complete September 2012
68 arrow icon Update UEN Bylaws L.Hunter complete Complete October 2012
69 arrow icon Finalize and support UEN advisory council R. Timothy complete Meeting held in February and meeting planned for April.
70 arrow icon Update repository of UEN guidelines, implement diversity policy and other governance documents L.Hunter complete Diversity Guidelines Approved, website updates in progress.
71 arrow icon Create and develop a comprehensive inventory control database and process J.Stewart 90%
Deferred FY14
Database development complete, inventory of red and yellow stickered items complete, Altiris development database created, Altiris production database development underway, data entered and cleanup ongoing, data provided from accounting regarding purchase dates and costs. Currently staff is reconciling accounting data and adding data regarding equipment end-of-life dates and replacement costs.

Database will be used for acquisition, moves and retirement of all equipment purchased by UEN. Technical staff has been trained on the new system and process. Further training for all UEN staff will be required once the production database will be scheduled.

72 Develop capital equipment refresh budget & Board L.Kuhn complete Completed August 2012
73 arrow icon Implement communications plans for legislature R.Finlinson complete Completed April 2013
74 arrow icon Finalize 'should' planning questions with Board R. Timothy 50% Continued refinement.
75 Prepare service-aligned budget L.Kuhn complete Completed December 2012
76 arrow icon Research implementing a student employment program V. Rasmussen 75%
Deferred FY14
77 arrow icon Develop service prioritization/dependency methodology J.Stewart
L. Hunter
E. Hacker
complete Dependency model was developed by leadership team and presented at the February board meeting.
78 Produce Legislative Ask website, videos, materials L. Hunter
K. Krier
K. Garrett
complete Complete: uen.org/legislature
79 Implement BoardDocs L. Hunter complete Implemented in March.