UEN Projects and Initiatives For FY2014

This initiatives list represents projects that will be addressed during fiscal year 2014 (Q1: July - Sept, Q2: Oct - Dec, Q3: Jan - March, Q4: April - June). This does not include ongoing operations or maintenance items.

Network Services Application Services Support Services Operational Services

Network Services Lead % Complete Status Report as of 7/16/2014
1 arrow icon Complete Metro Ring project J.Stewart
2 arrow icon Complete BTOP project J.Brown
3 arrow icon Install non-BTOP head start & elementary sites J.Brown
Complete This status pertains to all UEN awarded head start and elementary schools.
4 Continue to design and implement the move of 500 Tellabs circuits (move from Optera to Tellabs) K.Quire 95% Deferred to FY2015
We continue to work with CenturyLink to complete these installations. UEN is prepared to install new circuits as they are made available by the provider.
5 arrow icon Develop comprehensive plan for move to Downtown Data Center J.Stewart Complete We are now well in to the installation of equipment at the DDC. Caching for Google & Akamai were moved in Spring 2014. Servers were moved in spring and fall of 2013. We are currently waiting for equipment to complete the move of the data storage servers. See item 71.
6 arrow icon Conduct SIP pilot J.Stewart Complete RFP completed in March and awaiting approval from UU Procurement department to move forward with awards and proof of concept.
7 Redesign Level3 Hub K.Quire Complete  
8 EBC Enterprise LAN upgrades K.Quire 50% Deferred to FY2015
9 Panguitch CO MPLS Conversion K.Quire 0% Deferred to FY2015
10 Internet Border Router Replacement K.Quire Complete  
11 Update all Backbone Points of Presence (PoPs) (total redesign with new gear in every pop) K.Quire
12 Redesign the EBC Data Center K.Quire
0% on hold pending completion of DDC enterprise network
14 Design and build the DDC Infrastructure K.Quire Complete  
15 Upgrade all Internet Border Routers (IBR) K.Quire Complete  
16 Upgrade GENI DWDM Wave K.Quire Complete  
17 Install and turn up the EBC to Level3 100GB circuit K.Quire Complete  
18 Install the IRU - Level3 to SLCC circuit K.Quire Complete  
19 Install the IRU - DDC to SLCC K.Quire Complete  
20 Install the IRU - DDC to UVU K.Quire Complete  
21 Install the IRU - BYU to UVU K.Quire Complete  
22 Install the IRU - Legacy hut to WSU Ogden K.Quire Complete  
23 Design and build the WSU Ciena DWDM equipment K.Quire Complete  
24 Install and turn up the DDC to Level3 100GB Circuit K.Quire Complete  
25 Design and build the Canyons SD PoP and redundant circuits to all schools K.Quire 80% Deferred to FY2015
26 Design and build the Weber SD new PoP and redundant circuits to all schools -
K.Quire Complete  
27 Install 69 new Tellabs nodes
K.Quire 95% Deferred to FY2015
We continue to work with CenturyLink to complete these installations. UEN is prepared to install new circuits as they are made available by the provider.
28 Install 21 new end site sites (CenturyLink Only)
Complete Q1-Q3
29 Replace all 3750Gs as they are no longer supported by Cisco after March 2014 - As funding is available
T.Jessup   Deferred to FY2015
Included in the 7 year equipment replacement plan. Will be prioritized with other equipment needs as part of the $3 million FY2015 one time funding.
30 Provide IPv6 support for circuit through XO, Integra, and Cogent

K.Quire Complete  
31 Install the Zayo Internet circuit at DDC B.Bryson Complete  
32 Support and provide technical assistance for the 2014 RFP B.Bryson
33 Design and implement the Level-3 CoLo move. B.Bryson
Ongoing Deferred to FY2015.
UEN is waiting on UU Center for High Performance Computing. They need to determine space needed and priorities. We are also putting together total costs and combining these efforts with a need to move the DWDM node at the Park Building on the UU Campus.
34 Participate in the 2014 Quilt CIS RFP. B.Bryson Complete  
35 Plan and conduct the 2014 UEN Tech Summit planning B.Bryson Complete  
36 Provide support for the NOAA Fiber connectivity project B.Bryson
37 Support the Quilt Peer Review?
J.Stewart Complete  
38 Complete Halchita Head Start microwave install J.Egly Eliminated RUCD Board voted to close Halchita location. UEN removed monopole and will re-purpose new microwave radio as part of San Juan microwave network improvements.
39 Complete San Juan and Daggett County Microwave Network CIB grant process and receive funding. J.Egly
Complete UEN awarded CIB grant to replace and upgrade Daggett and San Juan licensed microwave.
40 Complete Daggett County microwave Upgrade J.Egly
10% Deferred to FY2015
New microwave radios licensed and scheduled for delivery on July 25th. Power improvements complete at Manila High School and the Dutch John communication site. Daggett microwave installation is scheduled to be completed in 4th quarter of this year (October 2014)
41 Complete Daggett County microwave Upgrade J.Egly
  Duplicate of #40
42 Complete Flaming Gorge Elementary microwave install J.Egly
43 Support Four Corners Network Development Project.
J. Egly Ongoing This group last met in February 2014. UEN was represented at that meeting. UEN will continue to participate in these meetings and explore opportunities to work with the 4 Corners group. UEN continues to provide excellent service to our stakeholders in this area. Other groups would like to ride on the UEN network, however, they are not part of the UEN mission.
44 Complete Lake Powell School network upgrades. J. Egly 90% Deferred to FY2015
Beehive Telco completed installation of fiber on July 14, 2014. During the week of July 21st Beehive technicians will be on site in the Lake Powell area to complete installation and install the 10Mbps Ethernet circuit. Over the next few months Beehive will complete upgrades in that are and increase the circuit to 50mbps.
45 Design and implement the 10 Gb circuit for Alpine District.
K.Dutt Complete  
46 Redesign and Bid All Alpine Elementary Schools.
K.Dutt 90% Deferred to FY2015
Bid awarded. Pending funding.
47 Increased capacity Alpine.
K.Dutt Relocate Fiber 100%
Increased Capacity 0%
Contracts signed March 2014.
48 Redesign and implement the BYU/Google/Utah County fiber paths. K.Dutt Complete  
49 Redesign and implement circuits for the Ute Tribe.
K.Dutt Complete  
50 Implement circuit for Snowville.
K.Dutt Complete  
51 Design and implement circuits for USU fiber to TATC K.Dutt Complete  
52 Plan and conduct the UtahSAINT annual conference. T.Jessup Complete Q2 - Oct. 15-18, 2013
53 Redesign, rewrite and deploy weathermap tool to support tellabs upgrade T.Jessup Complete  
54 Complete last round of USHE security assessments T.Jessup Complete  
55 Plan and implement the I2 100 Gbps circuit. T.Jessup
Complete (waiting for I2 Contract)
56 Replace MPEG 2 Encoders for KUEN Broadcast P.Titus Complete  
57 Replace Snowmobiles for Broadcast Statewide Distribution P.Titus Complete  
58 Replace one Microwave TX/RX pair as part of an ongoing Statewide Distribution Microwave Backbone infrastructure replacement plan. P.Titus 50% Deferred to next year.
59 Purchase Audio Processor to bring KUEN into compliance with FCC CALM act. P.Titus Complete  

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Application Services Lead % Complete Status Report as of 7/15/2014
60 arrow icon Rewrite and launch Independent Materials alignment K.Branson
Complete The interface that aligners use to submit their alignment is back online. Completed October 5, 2013
61 arrow icon Pilot-test of VMware Cloud B.Peterson Eliminated  
62 arrow icon Explore broader UEN role in consortium software L.Kuhn Complete UEN Continues to procure / manage in coordination with partners.
63 arrow icon Update the lesson plan tool K.Branson
5% Deferred to FY2015
Update: Building the Lesson Plan Service backend.
64 arrow icon Utah Data Alliance Project B.Peterson Complete System complete and functioning. Two change requests are being worked on. (1) Enhanced import of National Student Clearing house data to include matching with UHSE and UCAT records. (2) Custom Ad Hoc Matching process to allow temporary matching of data for specific programs that is not included in the warehouse.
65 arrow icon Explore NET+ partnership opportunities; pilot-testing S.Allen
Complete Canvas license moved to Net.
66 arrow icon Develop state government IVC support plan J.Egly 90% Pending response from DTS regarding how they want to proceed with new UEN proposal for UEN IVC services.
67 arrow icon Complete Virtual Route Forwarding project K.Quire
75% Deferred to FY2015
Continuing to work with USU on configurations changes
68 Complete IVC Refresh engineering, design, project planning, and implementation based on UEN 2014/15 replacement funding (TBD) J.Egly 15% Deferred to FY2015
UEN received 3 million in one-time replacement funding for 2014/15. The amount allotted for IVC replacement has not been determined. However, UEN completed designs for new HD origination and receive/simple distance learning classrooms and is currently evaluating new bridging solutions that extend and improve access via browser, and apps for the desktop and mobile devices. In June UEN completed and submitted a USDA RUS distance learning technology grant. UEN is providing a 1-to-1 match with the UEN match and RUS grant totaling 1 million in improvements and replacement funding. UEN’s RUS IVC improvements are focused on Utah’s most rural schools and communities.
69 Complete 2014 IVC refresh upgraded based on 2013/14 Capitol refresh funding (TBD) J.Egly Eliminated  
70 arrow icon Develop online Civics/Character Ed PD Course L.Hunter
71 arrow icon Move to Downtown Data Center B.Peterson 90%
Deferred to FY2015
Equipment installed. Services are being migrated. Some production NOC Tools are live from DDC. UDA network egress has been moved to DDC. UDA will move completely in September 2014.
72 Launch Redesigned UEN.org K.Krier Complete Launched August 12, 2013
73 Launch GettyReady Website K.Krier Complete Launched Sept. 17, 2013
74 Develop Governor's 2013 Educational Summit Website and Event L.Hunter
Complete Oct. 9, 2013
75 Update eMedia User Interface K.Garrett
50% Q4
Project scope and needs assessment completed. Will begin work after Equella 6.3 upgrade. Will continue work in FY 2015.
76 Develop Professional Development Event Tracker R.Keele
77 Develop mobile version of UEN.org M.Dumas
Complete Launched Jan. 2014
78 Automate posting of daily schedule of IVC Events to UEN.org
Complete Launched April 2014
79 Post Utah Core Standards into eMedia K.Garrett   Deferred to FY 2015
80 Harvest and post aggregated TICE test scores R.Keele
Eliminated Since there is no common assessment data we cannot complete this request at this time.
81 Transition Utah EPSCoR Reporting to USU
Complete December 2013
82 Create interface so that the Professional Development group can post events on web site R.Keele
Complete Launched: January 2014
83 Develop mobile version of Preschool Pioneer (Currently Preschool Path), K-12 Pioneer Online Library (Currently Utah's Online Library), Finance in the Classroom and Utah Kids Ready to Read web sites K.Krier Complete Q4
Update: Complete: Finance in the Classroom, Utah Kids Ready to Read, Preschool Pioneer (Currently Preschool Path) and K-12 Pioneer Online Library (Currently Utah's Online Library).
84 Evaluate STEM Learning Opportunities web site K.Krier Complete Q3
Update: Service archived and retired on March 31, 2014
85 Realign Math and Language Arts resources to new Utah Core K.Krier Complete Q4
Update: Educators have realigned the lesson plans and links. Still need to do some clean up before deleting old courses.
86 Complete CPB Math Grant K.Krier
Complete June 2014
87 Use the Canvas API to copy information from one course to another course K.Krier Complete Dec. 2013
88 Use the Canvas API to automatically update the TICE courses in Equella with the newest version R.Keele
Deferred to next year. Waiting for Equella upgrade.
89 Research requirements to obtain and air American Indian Channel for UEN-TV L. Hunter Complete FNX on schedule to launch 9-1-14.
90 Update "Considering College" TV spots with new logos; remove CEU and ATC C.Wood
91 Complete UEN-TV FCC license renewal process K.Anderson
92 Launch new arts broadcast program K.Garrett Complete Q3
93 Support STEM and Governor's Initiatives with UEN-TV broadcasts. K.Anderson
Complete Ongoing
94 Align eMedia resources to Utah Core Standards and produce curriculum guides. K.Garrett 75% Q4
Target completion in Q4. Template for guides are complete. Currently identifying series for curriculum areas.
95 Move Equella media to Kaltura Streaming Media Server K.Garrett   Content will not be migrated, instead new content will be added to Kaltura
96 Integrate UEN eMedia with the LearningRegistry K.Garrett
Eliminated Cost Prohibitive.
97 Integrate PBS LearningMedia resources with eMedia K.Garrett Eliminated Cost Prohibitive.
98 Review and complete closed captions of eMedia videos K.Garrett 50% Q3
Gaps are identified. Captioning in process. Will continue in FY 2015.
99 Implement Adobe Connect web conferencing service for K-12 S.Allen Complete Q3
Complete and moved to training.
100 Complete Learning Management System RFP evaluation for K-12 S.Allen Eliminated Included with legislative tech initiative.
101 Develop Text Complexity Book Review Project with the guidance of USBE K.Krier Eliminated  
102 Complete USHE IPTV Proof-of-Concept J.Egly Complete IPTV Process Complete
103 Transition UEN audio bridging from PRI to SIP trunks. J.Egly Eliminated Project change ­ Focus on new UEN SIP trunking pilot.
104 Continue to identify and evaluate emerging/next gen synchronous video solutions based on UEN and stakeholder requirements J.Egly
Ongoing Demonstration provided in Q4 to UEN Executive Director showing latest offerings by Pexip, Acano and Zoom. During FY2015 UEN will prove these three solutions and explore other products and services.
105 Complete USHE/Snow College/Sevier School District IVC Pilot D.Litster
80% Deferred to FY2015
Classroom equipment installed
106 Complete two new Snow College IVC classroom installations. D.Litster
75% Deferred to FY2015
All equipment for the new classrooms has been ordered. Construction and wiring for the two new classrooms is underway and scheduled for completion by 8/1/14. Installation of IVC equipment will follow. One classroom needs to be moved. Bridging resources for Snow College events have been calculated and are available. Complete class schedules will be constructed later this month (July 2014) to confirm all IVC resources.
107 arrow icon Develop IT Asset Management J.Stewart
Complete Phase 2 will be to collect the data and augment the Inventory database to include E-rate equipment provided by UEN carriers as part of finished services. This will enable UEN to better manage the refresh of equipment not directly owned by UEN but critical in operating the UEN network. UEN is also looking into a suite of robust network database and operational tools. If successful, UEN will migrate current databases to this suite of tools.
108 arrow icon Complete DNS AnyCast Upgrade B.Peterson
109 arrow icon Complete Database Migration to (MS SQL and PostgreSQL) B.Peterson 35% Deferred to FY2015
Migration planning for Sybase to be complete by Dec 2014 and complete by Summer 2015.
110 arrow icon Virtualize Web and DB server environments. B.Peterson 45% Deferred to FY2015
80% of the web servers have moved to the VM environment. 30% of application servers are running as VM Servers. UEN still needs to migrate and many CGI application these need a complete rewrite to be moved. 70% of the database servers have been virtualized.
111 arrow icon Retool Web Hosting Toward Automation B.Peterson Ongoing August roll out of the new UEN web site allowed for improvements to the deployment processes. Still making progress and are looking to make it even more streamlined for Software and Content Developers to deploy to the production environments.
112 arrow icon Conduct On-going Systems Maintenance B.Peterson Ongoing In Process
113 arrow icon Adopt new UEN look and feel for web applications K.Branson Complete  
114 arrow icon Conduct Identity management pilot (InCommon/Shibboleth) J.Stewart
55% Deferred to FY2015
Running my.uen portal instance as an SP that is integrated with SEDC's IdP.
115 arrow icon Develop New Contact tool K.Branson Complete Released 1/22/2014
116 arrow icon Complete UEN Web-Service Framework K.Branson 20% Deferred to FY2015
On hold (except ongoing security updates) pending retirement of Perl/CGI apps.
117 arrow icon Upgrade MyUEN portal K.Branson 0% Deferred to FY2015
Due for completion by 30 June 2015.
118 arrow icon Move off Sybase ASE K.Branson 10% Deferred to FY2015
A plan for migrating the data and refactoring applications has been completed.
119 arrow icon Rewrite all Perl/CGI applications K.Branson 15% Deferred to 2015
PMT, Districts/Sites, Lesson Plan underway; Rubric assigned.
120 arrow icon Migrate applications to Java 7, Tomcat 7, Ubuntu VMs, and PostresSQL K.Branson 45% Deferred to FY2015
15% more completed in Quarter 4. Making slow, steady progress.
121 arrow icon Better build management with Maven and SVN K.Branson 55% Deferred to FY2015
20% increase in Quarter 4. Making slow, steady progress.
122 arrow icon Product maintenance and functional enhancements K.Branson Ongoing my.uen, BIRT, and others underway. Does not include enhancements from rewrites.
123 Develop new Districts tool K. Branson 5% Deferred to FY2015
Due for completion by 30 June 2015. This will replace the existing Districts, schools, and sites applications/pages
124 Complete IMA Upgrades K. Branson Complete This task has been completed. We expect further upgrades will be desired in the future.
125 Update Rubric Tool K. Branson 0% Deferred to FY2015
Work underway. Due for completion by 30 June 2015.

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Support Services Lead % Complete Status Report as of 7/14/2014
126 arrow icon Support Utah EPSCoR projects L.Hunter
Complete On schedule with grants.
127 arrow icon Support USBE in their Online Endorsement Objectives D.Jones Ongoing Courses developed and deployed, undergoing course revision and improvements based on pilot semester.
128 arrow icon Conduct NetSafe Utah outreach activities - presentations, booths, etc J.Brooksby Ongoing Preparations are being made to extend the NetSafe grant one final time to help school districts become self-sustaining with regard to educating their own students with NetSafe content materials.
129 Meet NetSafe Utah grant metrics J.Brooksby Complete On schedule with grants
130 Design and develop NetSafe promotional items R.Finlinson Complete Multiple items are being produced for distribution in Fall 2015
131 Design and develop Pioneer Library (Currently Utah's Online Library) promotional items R.Finlinson
L. Cohne
Complete Pioneer Library (currently Utah's Online Library) LED searchlight and postcards were produced and distributed. An additional 10,000 Preschool Pioneer (currently Preschool Path) postcards have been reprinted for 2014-15 distribution.
132 Conduct a needs analysis of Pioneer Library (currently Utah's Online Library) online library resources with Utah's K-12 school librarians to determine content gaps L.Hunter Complete RFP process through fiscal year.
133 Regularly produce Pioneer Library news for the District Pioneer Library Advocates to distribute to their local school librarians/aides L.Hunter Eliminated Included with monthly CForum meetings and NetNews emails.
134 arrow icon Implement 2013 Intel Teach grant J.Brooksby Complete Q2
Grant renewed for 2014
135 Explore online Ed Tech Endorsement program J.Brooksby 75% Deferred to FY2015
136 Design new Canvas Courses J.Brooksby Complete Q4
Launched two new courses.
137 Conduct State Wide Technology and Professional Development needs assessment of K-12 Districts J.Brooksby 75% Q4
138 Identify top ten priorities for professional development and create course content J.Brooksby Complete Q2
139 Update existing courses J.Brooksby
PD Staff
Complete Q4
On track
140 Support UEA, SUECON, UCET and other local conferences J.Brooksby
PD Staff
141 Support K-20 schools in online learning objectives (Canvas) J.Brooksby
PD Staff
Ongoing Developed K-12 Canvas plan.
142 Produce guides for effective technology use in the classroom J.Brooksby
PD Staff
75% Q4
143 Produce 20 Technology Teaching Tips for Utah Teaching Channel J.Brooksby
PD Staff
25% Q4
144 Investigate using badges for UEN PD J.Brooksby 40% Deferred to FY2015
145 Develop a follow through process for requested PD J.Brooksby 70% Q4
146 Investigate COSN tech director certification J.Brooksby 35% Q4
147 Research options to Milton Bennion Hall access issues J.Brooksby Complete Q4
148 Develop a plan to implement competency and participation indicators J.Brooksby 25% Deferred to FY2015
149 Implement Utah Teaching Channel J.Brooksby Complete Site launched; team formed to implement year 2.
150 Implement new telephone and calendaring processes for PD J.Brooksby Complete Q2
151 Increase transparency of qualitative public feedback on UEN Professional Development courses J.Brooksby
Complete Touch screen kiosks provided same-day educator feedback on professional development and other research at Spring educator conferences.
152 Implement NROC resources and training plan K.Garrett Complete New contract to start in June. EdReady is now available. Training is ongoing. Multiple workshops & presentations conducted throughout the state.
153 Create TV highlight web page L.Cohne
Complete Q1 uen.org/tv/highlights
154 Engage educators and community in STEM content on UEN-TV and integration of web resources L.Cohne Complete Ongoing project: Q1 Launched Cheese Geecs with Harmon’s Q2 Presented Cheese Science @ SUECON, promoting STEM TV content through direct target email. Q3 Presented Cheese GEECS @UCET Q4: Presented Cheese GEECS FACS conference.
155 Support initiation and sustainability of Utah American Indian-STEM project L.Cohne Complete Engaged American Indian Science and Engineering Society Professional Chapter President in several community panels hosted by UEN.
156 Organize community outreach for UEN-TV weekly Arts program L.Cohne Complete Target email promotions have gone out to Higher Ed. Arts Department Chairs, USBE and other Utah Education Arts Associations. Ongoing: Tweet weekly regarding upcoming episodes.
157 Build PreK capacity for online engagement each quarter L.Cohne Ongoing Outreach conducted with Early Childhood Leaders in the community and updates made monthly to Preschool Pioneer (currently Pioneer Path) web site.
158 Promote effective technology guides (including Top 10 projects) R.Finlinson Complete Professional Development priorities and staff were used to drive UEN display booth interaction at Spring educator conferences and to spur ongoing social media.
159 Devise a social media plan R.Finlinson Complete Elements of the plan were used at Spring conferences and are ongoing with UEN¹s daily social media updates.

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Operational Services Lead % Complete Status Report as of 7/15/2014
160 arrow icon Create and develop a comprehensive inventory control database and process J.Stewart Complete See Initiative #107
161 arrow icon Finalize 'should' planning questions with Board R. Timothy 75% Continued refinement.
162 Initiate Internships program including training/onboarding process V. Rasmussen Complete Three Interns in place.
163 Evaluate and revise intern processes as needed based on initial experience V. Rasmussen Complete Q3
Updating online training materials & payment options
164 Expand number of internships available and develop summer opportunities V. Rasmussen Complete Q4
Launched Internship site and transitioned to Christy Dunn.
165 Create UEN branded Graphics Package for UEN-TV R. Finlinson
K. Garrett
  Deferred to FY 2015
166 Pursue grants and award programs J. Gibbs Ongoing Q4
NSF ISE, Intel, RTTT, I2 POC, NetSafe14
167 Develop metrics dashboard demonstrating UEN performance L. Hunter 50% iDashboard coordination underway
168 Update UEN Policies/Guidelines page on UEN.org L. Hunter
J. Gibbs
169 Complete FCC and CPB required filings L. Hunter Complete On Schedule. Finalized license renewal application
170 Develop IVC Policy with Stakeholders L. Hunter Complete  
171 Research Common Good vs. Paid Service Model L. Hunter 20% Initial research underway.
172 Support Partner Initiatives L. Hunter Ongoing GettyReady, Operation Respect, Governor's Ed Summit
173 Merge UTN and UTN operations. L. Hunter Ongoing On schedule