UETN Service Catalog

Network Services

We operate and maintain the infrastructure and provide services that keep Utah's education network secure and reliable:

Wide Area Network
UETN's infrastructure carries high-speed data and real-time applications such as live video to schools, clinics, hospitals and communities throughout the state. UETN contracts with multiple local telecom service providers so revenues flow from UETN back into local communities spurring economic development.

Internet Access
UETN connects Utah's public schools, colleges, universities and libraries to the Internet via several Internet Service Providers saving Utah institutions thousands of dollars a month by purchasing Internet connectivity in bulk from competing providers.

Internet Filtering and Security Monitoring
UETN helps K-12 schools conform to state and federal requirements with filtering services designed to protect students while supporting educational research, and IT security specialists monitor the network constantly.

Public Television
To educate and enrich the lives of Utah residents, UETN operates three digital television stations: UEN-TV, education programs for lifelong learners of all ages; FNX, Native American and Indigenous entertainment and news; and NHK World-Japan, English language news and culture programming from Japan.

Storage Area Network and Data Center
UETN's storage area network (SAN) provides high capacity, redundant data storage across our enterprise services. Backup and recovery servers are located in an off-site data center for disaster recovery and system continuity.

Application Services

We also provide an array of educational technology tools and services to help Utah learners get the most value from the network:

Utah Core Database and Curated Links
Utah's K-12 educators save valuable time by using UETN's curriculum search tool to find resources aligned with the Utah Core.

Teaching and Assessment Resources
UETN's award-winning my.uen gives Utah's K-12 educators the tools they need find, create and share resources, including easy-to-build teacher web pages and our lesson plan, rubric and curriculum tools.

Interactive Video Conferencing
UETN provides distance education tools and support to Utah's schools, colleges, universities, state institutions and other educational groups. Our easy-to-use technologies offer a green, time-saving alternative to in-person course delivery and meetings.

eMedia Digital Service
With more than 16,000 digital videos, images and documents, eMedia is one of the world's richest online collections of digital media for education. UETN digitizes, edits and encodes the media and manages licensing so use is free to Utah learners and educators.

Instructional Tools and Materials
UETN's web services for educators and community partners span the design and development of software, databases and online interfaces to the aggregation and alignment of instructional materials such as lesson plans to state and federal standards.

Learning Management System
UETN negotiates and licenses a robust learning management system to help ensure that Utah's public colleges and universities and K-12 schools have the platform they need to provide online courses, hybrid courses and enhance in-person courses.

Utah's Online Library & Preschool Path
UETN licenses the resources and manages the interface for Utah's Online library, Preschool Path for young children and their caregivers, and Utah's Online School Library for K-12 students and educators.

Web-based Collaboration
Utah educators can invite students and visitors to meet them online for virtual classes, meetings, and other events using a web conferencing system licensed by UETN. Capabilities include audio, video, texting and optional desktop-sharing.

Support Services

We provide ongoing support to optimize the educational potential of the network and to keep it affordable for public institutions:

Professional Development
K–12 educators with up-to-date technology skills can better prepare learners for 21st century careers. UETN helps by providing more than 80 different professional development classes for teachers as well as ed tech video tutorials at no cost to participants.

Infrastructure Support
The Network also supports Utah's rural school districts with technical, grant and personnel funding at Utah regional service centers (pdf) in Heber City, Richfield, Cedar City and Price.

E-Rate Support
UETN coordinates Utah's E-Rate program, a federal program to support universal access to telecommunications and Internet services. In addition to working with Utah's eligible participants, UETN participates in the E-Rate program on behalf of the organizations we represent.