Utah Women in Education and Leadership Events

The Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP) seeks to strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women through informing, engaging and developing their voices, confidence, influence and leadership. UEN is proud to support this work as a public media partner.

Finishing Your Degree

Cyndi Hall - Take a Step

Taeja Afalava - Build Your Community

Kyrsi Zamora - Embrace the Possibilities

Janae Moss - Shift Your Mindset

Carlee Madsen - Explore the Options

Archived Events

She Talks: Neill Marriott

She Talks: Mia Love

She Talks: Mary Crafts-Homer

She Talks: Deneece Huftalin

She Talks: Mary Nickles

Learning to Lead by Reaching Out

Why Men Should Care about Strengthening Women

The Situation & Status of Women Worldwide

A Neuroscience Approach to Learning & Leadership Development for Girls & Young Women

A Neuroscience Approach to Transform Your Leadership as Women

Strengthening Your Confidence as a Young Woman

You Are Already Good Enough

Utah Women and Education Forum

Cents and Sensibility: A Man is not a Financial Plan

Gail Miller - Women & Money Keynote

Show me the Money

Family Finances Boot Camp

Utah Women and Education Videos

Benefits of a Higher Education
Civic Life
Civic Life

The Gift of Higher Education

Economic Benefits of Higher Education

Secret to College Success

Physical Health Benefits

Mental Health Benefits

A Dad's Impact on Higher Education

Higher Education for Moms

Saving for College

Personal Benefits