UETN among first to 400 Gbps
Q&A with UETN CTO Jim Stewart: UETN Among the ‘First to 400G’ on Internet2’s Network
Homeroom: Teacher Retention with Kami Dupree and Heidi Matthews
Dani and Matt are joined by Kami Dupree from USBE and Heidi Matthews with UEA to discuss teacher retention in Utah. Learn more about how they are creating initiatives to address the issue in our schools. 
2022 Tech Summit
This year's UETN Tech Summit will be held June 22-23 at Murray High School. We are excited to see all of they keynote speakers and presenters. Register today for the 2022 UETN Tech Summit.
Tumbleweeds Film Festival
Don’t miss this year's Tumbleweeds Film Festival! This is a mini-festival experience with films, activities, and workshops for kids of all ages. Stop by the UEN booth or enjoy one of our workshop presentations at this event.


Return to Vietnam: Unification, Forgiveness, and Peace
Joe Muharsky and Jon Teshner are Vietnam Veterans from two very different walks of life. Joe is from Ohio, volunteered for the Navy and ended up on a...


Ask An Astrobiologist: Developing Scientific Instruments in the Search for Life with Drs. Stephanie Getty & Richard Quin
Our guests are Dr. Stephanie Getty from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Dr. Richard Quinn from the NASA Ames Research Center. This week we...


Chaos & Courage
Aboriginal women and men from three BC communities do their part to protect and conserve wildlife. From whales to salmon to falcons, all species are...

NHK World-Japan

NHK Newsline
NHK WORLD-JAPAN's flagship hourly news program delivers the latest world news, business and weather, with a focus on Japan and the rest of Asia.