New Podcast Episode - UEN Homeroom
As part of our special, Learn@Home series, UEN Homeroom connects with Dr. Laura Rogers.
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UETN Resources for Home Connectivity
UETN is actively collaborating to extend services to education and healthcare in response to the Covid-19 novel coronavirus.
PDTV: Computer Science & AR/VR Tools
Michael travels up to North Logan to visit a computer science class at Green Canyon High School. Alison Ence, a computer science teacher, is learning with her students about the...


Tending Nature
Healing The Body with United Indian Health Services - While "Food Deserts" is a term used by many to describe urban areas without access to fresh food, this issue is not just one that inner city areas...


Wild Archaeology
In Tobermory, Ont., Rudy and Jacob participate in their first underwater archaeological expedition.

NHK World-Japan

Manned submersible research vessel Shinkai 6500 has been hard at work for 30 years. Join the crew on their latest voyage of discovery!