Veterans Day Resources
Educators are vital in establishing a meaningful connection between Veterans and students. UEN gathered these Veterans Day Resources to help you do that
Mission US!
Check out the brand-new version of the award-winning interactive game for middle and high school American history students.
New eMedia!
The new eMedia is here! Check out the changes at and make sure to login using your my.uen account to access all the content!
Roadtrip Nation Roadshow
UEN’s Roadtrip Nation Roadshow continues across the state – in Price, Moab, Bountiful, Ogden, and Cedar City throughout November! Visit American Graduate to learn more.


Wunderkind Little Amadeus
The Green Drops - Devilius believes Amadeus' musical talent stems from the green miracle drops his mother gives him. Devilius wants to get his hands on this special...

MHz Worldview

Blue Eyes
After the shocking events of the last few days, a battered nation goes to the polls. Directed by Emiliano Goessens, 2014.


First Talk
Kelly Gordon shares way on how to eat healthy quick meals. Instructor Calivin Kalime teaches Karate to help raise low income kids to having a healthy...