CPB Spotlight – KUEN
As part of its American Graduate: Getting to Work project, KUEN launched two multi-platform campaigns to help more Utahns make well-informed decisions about education and...
Faraday Lectures
It’s a tradition to ring in Christmas with a bang – well, at least in the University of Utah chemistry department. Come see the power of chemistry. 
Holiday wishes for UETN
We want to wish you happy holidays from the Utah Education and Telehealth Network.
UEN's Spring Professional Development Catalog
UEN's New Professional Development schedule will be available December 1st. Classes fill up very quickly, so register early.


Closer to Truth
Given Theology, What's Evolution? - If God does not exist, evolution is a full explanation of human origins, without deep meaning or purpose. But if God does exist, what is evolution...

MHz Worldview

Spring Tide
Mette sends Abbas to Costa Rica to learn more about the mysterious Nils Wendt. Directed by Pontus Klänge, Niklas Ohlson, Mattias Ohlsson, 2016.


Gold Fever
Goldcorp Inc arrives in a remote village in Guatemala. Soon follows blown up mountains, despoiled water supplies and broken promises over jobs. As...


Journeys In Japan
Leina Bambino explores Kanazawa by color, visiting an elaborate formal garden, a splendid 19th-century villa, and tea house, as well as meeting...