Jan. 22: Opening Day of the Utah Legislature
View UETN's 2019 funding request and visit to stay on top of proposed bills and legislation.
Tune in This Week
UEN staff will be LIVE this whole week on ABC's Good Things Utah talking about all things education.  Max Gonzales shared 3 websites for high school students.
Help Your Students Evaluate Evidence
Research Quest is a suite of free online investigationsk, created by the Natural History Museum of Utah, designed to help students develop critical thinking skills. Logon today:...
UtahFutures Impact Evaluation
A formative evaluation of UtahFutures' efforts to support college and career readiness, informed decisions, personal fulfillment and statewide economic benefits.


Beyond Our Borders
Poland - Poland has been invaded and occupied by many other countries, yet has maintained its own proud heritage. Roman Catholic roots are seen, Auschqitz...

MHz Worldview

A French Village
With Marchetti under arrest and accused collaborators remaining unprotected, the threat of violent reprisals is higher than ever. Directed by Patrice...


Finding Our Talk
The focus of this episode looks at the young people of both Kanehsatake and Kahnawake, two Mohawk communities located in Quebec. These communities...