Love, Your Mind
"Love, Your Mind" – a national campaign promoting open dialogue and proactive approaches to mental health, provides free online resources and will air mental health awareness PSAs. These PSAs will be featured on UEN-TV, so tune in!
Nearpod Summer PD Playlist
Join the Utah Nearpod Community's summer PD fun! Take courses, attend webinars, or share resources. Past Nearpod PD counts too! Earn points for a chance to win prizes
Teacher Tip: Using and Creating Podcasts in the Classroom
In today’s digital age, integrating modern tools like podcasts into the classroom can significantly enhance the learning experience. 
PDTV: Attending Your First Professional Conference
In this episode of UEN's PDTV, preservice teachers Aniston and Mallory reflect on their first professional conference at the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) annual event.


J Schwanke's Life In Bloom
What's The Tea? - This episode revolves around tea. A look at the tea leaves reveals an immediate future that includes an antique tea set hand painted by J's great...


JPL and the Space Age: American Rocketeer
"The American Rocketeer" is the story of the origins of JPL, the world's primier center for the exploration of the solar system and beyond. It's also...


First Nations Comedy Experience
Cat Alvarado, Fielding Edlow, Kinner Shah, and Chris Fairbanks perform.

NHK World-Japan

Train Cruise
Criss-cross Japan by rail. Enjoy an amazing diversity of nature and scenery across the four seasons, exploring both well-known and hidden Japan.