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Past Episodes

Art Cultures

For more than two decades, Clyde Morgan has led SUNY Brockport students in learning about, not only African dance but also its culture. From stage to your living room, "Live from Lincoln Center" brings the best of Broadway home with the thought provoking Tony Award-winning “Falsettos.” Since 2005, the Jafagirls are best known for practicing craft activism, like their yarn bombs – a type of street art that uses colorful displays of yarn rather than paint or chalk to make a statement. Baton Rouge artist Randell Henry takes great pride in his ability to merge varying colors and textures that some people feel don’t go together. He talks about challenging the norm.

Artistic Fashion

Andrew Bolton, curator of the costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art guides us through this year's exhibit "Punk: Chaos to Couture." Giles Clement practices the antique craft of wet plate photography. The Museo de las Americas presents The Legacy Project, curated by Maruca Salazar and we will reveal the identity of the man who drew Captain America.

Artistic Language

We visit the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio where collaboration with designer Heidi Kambitsch creates an imaginative space where children and adults are invited to play dress-up. Choreographer Rulan Tagen sits down with Hakim Bellamy and explains how dance is more than an art form, but a language with a history. Las Vegas journalist Matt O’Brien and photographer Daniel Robert Mollohan come together to capture the struggles of the city’s homeless and we visit students at Art Night Live in Utah’s Granite School District.

Artist Takeover

Meet Suzy Taylor, a Watch as a potter from New York creates ceramics that catch your eye from a distance and draw you in with their intricate and unique glazes. Visit downtown Reno, Nevada as local artists’ takeover and display a wide variety of sculptures. The Florida Brewing Company offers their walls to muralists to create unforgettable works of art. And artist Marlene Lewis creates paintings that reflect her fascination with color, form, and the human figure.

Art Legacies

Take a look at “Phoenix,” a monumental project by Chinese contemporary artist Xu Bing, which is installed at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in NYC. We learn insights into the appraisal process from certified antiques appraiser Barbara J. Eash. Then, gutsy, talented and one of the boys… Patsy Cline left a legacy despite her early death. Bringing her story to the screen became a labor of love for producer Barbara Hall. And we travel to San Antonio, TX for CineFestival, the oldest Latino film festival in the US.

Art Makers

Colorado Springs artist JD Sell turns Polaroid photos into intriguing screen prints, working with Denver high school students who looked at their own neighborhoods with fresh eyes, developing a sense of place. Philippe de Montebello interviews Dr. Anne-Imelda Radice, Executive Director of the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. Lebanese graphic artist Pascal Zoghbi and Houston graffiti artist DUAL come together to create a cross-cultural mural at The Printing Museum in Houston. Moira Bateman's knowledge of native plants and geologic history inform her work as she incorporates natural materials and processes into the creation of her sculptural dresses.

Art Outreach

Two friends strive to minimize waste and environmental impact in their craft and lifestyle. They've developed alternate power sources for hand making wooden eyeglasses. The Rose Kennedy Greenway has a fresh vision for public art that includes a soaring sculpture by Janet Echelman that, for the moment, is redefining the Boston skyline. A Tampa Bay artist takes Mandala art to a whole new level by collecting and creating art with candy. And Jane Chu hopes to expand the reach of the arts throughout each and every community.

Art Squared

Meet calculus teacher and artist Harriet Stone Evans, who believe her paintings can help students with math. New Mexico artist, Brandon Maldonado, shares old mythologies in new ways by communicating beyond the confines of spoken language through art. Ceramic and sculpture artist, Ernest Miller, hand alters his pieces and continually pushes himself to make the perfect ceramic pot. And we look at a rarely viewed collection of works from Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Eddie Adams.

Art Uncensored

We explore the challenges and stereotypes of the hip-hop industry through a multi-media theater piece with writer and performer Jeff Campbell. We visit with Barbara Page, a pilot turned artist. We highlight “Dance-The Next Generation,” a program in Sarasota, Florida that not only teaches ballet, but also gives students the discipline to succeed in school. And we stop at The Dublin Arts Council in central Ohio to meet a very special member of their staff.

A Stitch of Heritage

We visit Eatonville where two very patient quilters are creating wonderful works of art from scraps. Find the humor in Jeffu Warmouth’s art installation in the Fitchburg Art Museum in Massachusetts. We sit down with Ingvar Estrada who discusses his Italian heritage and the roots of his musical passion and we celebrate today’s evolving arts culture of the west at the Coors Western Art Exhibit.


Take a look inside the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the Backpack Program is helping families engage with artwork. We visit the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, California to see their rendition of 'White Snake,' a classic Chinese Folktale. The Dayton Ballet and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra work together to put on a fantastic show. And we meet Violectic, a group that combines the energy and irreverence of rock 'n' roll with the sweet sounds of violins and violas.

Beat Poets

We meet some artist at the recent “Spring Fever in the Garden” festival who use colorful chalk to create their large-scale masterpieces…on concrete. Poet Carlos Contreras shares how self-reflection in poetry can lead to positive change. The Kohler Company gives artist unprecedented access to share studio space with its industrial workers. And we meet a pianist who is taking listeners on a musical journey.


Artist Agnes Chavez creates art that highlights the species inhabiting the earth. Focused on the environment, she reflects on the world around us, increasing awareness through her work. We hear from the band “Billy the Squid and the Sea Cow Drifters.” This talented group of singers and musicians blend a variety of sounds to make music that is one-of-a-kind. Artist Roy Lichtenstein was a major figure in the pop art movement. Recently, his “Modern Head” sculpture was installed at Ohio State University. Paula Vogel’s play “Indecent” is about an important moment in theatre history. We learn more about the production and its remounting in Boston, Massachusetts.

Beauty Doodles

We explore the art of one of the early 20th century’s great photographers of humanity, Edward Steichen. We follow along as a very rare fortepiano undergoes a complete restoration. We see how doodles can be a beautiful and connective force. And entertainer Michael Feinstein gives one UCF student the experience of a lifetime.

Best Costume Design

In this edition of Art Connection, we meet Christine Bossler, an independent metal smith and jeweler whose eclectic pieces have caught the eye of people all over the world. See how the classical training of The Art of Ballet at the Miami City Ballet teaches children discipline, self-esteem and incredible work ethic. We take a look at Edith Head's historic costume collection. And we meet some Sacramento tattoo artists utilizing living canvases.

Best Friend

Thomas Ashcraft shares his love for studying natural phenomena through photography. We meet Jane Walentas, who spent 27 years restoring a carousel and is its namesake, and discuss the carousel’s journey to Brooklyn, New York. We take a look at an original play about a soldier and his dog. And we talk with Brook Hill, a student of University of Central Florida, and what bringing awareness to human trafficking means to her.  

Big Impact

Indie Noir Market in Florida reaches out to the local community and provides a platform for African American artists and business owners to present their work. Tamarah Begay is the founder of Indigenous Design Studio and Architecture. A member of the Navajo Nation, she instills her heritage, knowledge, and values into her innovative designs. Ballet dancers have graced stages for centuries. What people may not realize, though, is that ballet artists are also incredible athletes. We visit the Cleveland Ballet to find out more. The Terrarium Shop is a unique place that explores the artistry of nature and all its curiosities. We head to Denver, Colorado to take a look.

Bird's Eye View

Drones take to the skies over Houston and offer a new perspective on the urban intersections. We learn about the late American painter Robert Butler, who created colorful and romantic portrayals of landscapes. A new board-game parlor is in town, and don’t think it’s just a place for Dungeons and Dragons. It’s complete with trained board-game sommeliers on-hand to help you. And we visit Proctor’s Theater in Schenectady, New York to see how actors bring the amazing puppets of War Horse to life.


Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Ohio State Ball, the largest ballroom dance competition in the world. Filmmaker Ken Burns speaks with reporter Carrie Saldo about his unique approach to the craft. We visit The Millay Colony of the Arts, which gives artists the time and space to create. And we visit a retrospective of George Rodrigue’s work and his son lends his insight into the man behind the Blue Dog.

Born to Ride

Dive into the first photography exhibit showcasing the Midwest motorcycle culture from those within the community. One group of central Florida performers shows off their skill and ignores the warning of "don't play with fire." Artist Sherry Hill creates bright, multicultural masks out of old computer boxes and colored paper. And we meet a Sacramento collage artist making pictures out of pieces in her creation of work.