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Bouncing Light

Today we discover the master works of impressionist, Gustave Caillebotte. Mary Morton, Curator and Head of the French Painting Department at the National Gallery of Art guides us through the artist's career. Artist Nic Nicosia works with sculptures and photography to capture his work's rich narratives. We head to the American Folk Art Museum where artist Asa Ames' piece the "Phrenological Head" is discussed. And we join filmmaker Alicia J. Rose on the cutting room floor as we experience how a film is cut together.

Breaking Barriers

A family-owned business turns whiskey barrels into beautiful pieces of furniture. Cordell Cordaro's style has been compared to Toulouse Letrec. Every fall in Columbus, Ohio, dozens of artists and performance venues open up their studios for one epic weekend tour. Fiber artists are often on the fringe of the art scene perhaps not always getting the respect they deserve. Dayton artist Jackie Wetherly is trying to change that one silk dye at a time. 

Breaking Out

Today on Art Connection we follow composer Daniel Bernard Roumain to a park where he makes picnickers part of his performance. We also interview three-time Emmy winner actor Bryan Cranston. Paper artist, Tom Balbo passes on his skills to future generations and Rob Stewart talks to Mari Ariola about what makes her Sacramento, California gallery so special.

Breaking Stigmas

Suzanne Seller's art can be seen all around Houston, Texas and today we go examine her creative process and an artistic method for deceiving the eye. We visit The Arbor Opera Theater where artist and dancers perform inspiring pieces and use opera to combat the stigma of depression and other illnesses. Discover how The 3rd Law Dance/Theater is changing the way of traditional performances by combining both musicians and dancers together on stage. And meet visual artist Adler Guerrier whose work is a combination of photography, printmaking techniques, sculpture and video.

Break the Limits

Learn about a Tampa Bay non-profit that provides musical instruments to injured veterans and other service members in an effort to use the power of music to help heal. Meet life-long artist Tim Jackson, who, after suffering a stroke, had to learn to paint with his left hand. What began as the first Hispanic-led public radio station in the country, KUVO celebrated its 30th year in the 2015 as one of the top jazz radio stations in the world. Also, Susie Medhurst and Jenni Quadros make teddy bears and memory pillows; a labor of love becomes a huggable memory for families remembering loved ones.

Break the Rules

Albany NY photographer Connie Frisbee Houde has been traveling to Afghanistan and telling the country’s harrowing and untold stories with her photographs since 2003. Gabriela “Chanchita” Riveros is a recent graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and making a name for herself in the art community through her unique illustrations influenced by her Paraguayan heritage. We meet Cincinnati composer, performer, and community based teacher and activist - Eddy Kwon. We recently stopped into his Price Hill performance space to learn more about his work. We visit an art exhibit in raw warehouse space, where all exhibitors were charged with making art inspired by the concepts of "rough" and "tumble."


Sculptor and installation artist, Martha Russo, hopes her mysterious objects and forms will inspire her viewer’s childlike curiosity. Art meets football in an informative museum exhibit, that celebrates the seventieth anniversary of the reintegration of the National Football League. Daniel Arsham’s installation, “Welcome to the Future,” at Locust Projects in Florida creates and excavation trench in the gallery’s floor, holding artifacts of the 20th century. And we sit down with The Vision Male Ensemble, who focus on creating the bond of brotherhood through music.

Building the Dream

As the country celebrates the birth of one of America's civil rights leaders, members of the Minnesota community get together and re-tell his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. We meet Houston Quilter Kim Ritter whose art is whimsical, ironic and funny. In celebration of their 75th anniversary, The American Ballet Theatre collaborates with filmmaker Ric Burns to present the film "American Ballet Theatre: A History." And we visit the Emerson Burkhart exhibit at the Ohio history center.


Ever get a get a creative block? Meet Tricia Leonard, a creativity coach, and sit in on a session where she helps artists overcome mental blocks and tap into their inner creativity. We take a look at over 65 years with the Sacramento Music Circus. Discover The Showmen’s Museum which preserves the artifacts form circuses, carnivals, and traveling shows, ensuring that the art and culture of these American traditions never die. And we visit The Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas where children who died in the Holocaust are being memorialized with artfully crafted butterflies.


Celebrating a century of the dreadnought and the wonders of the family biz Chris Martin of Martin Guitars strings us along with fabulous historic notes. Like most working actors, Kevin Farrell held random jobs while pursuing a career in Hollywood where he appeared in small roles in film and television, most notably on “Frasier." when a friend encouraged him to sell Tupperware, in drag. Beehive architect Jarrett Mellenbruch combines community art with a family legacy. Lastly, Cindi Rose, a Silhouette artist creates works of art with just a scissors and a piece of paper.

Camera Truck

We visit with Marilynne Bradley, a St. Louis watercolorist who has a strong sense of place in her work. Photographer Ian Ruhter takes us for a ride as he travels across America in a truck that also serves as his camera. We discover how the performing arts support well rounded students as we look at the Circle Theater Company's 50th performance, "Hello Dolly." And we visit The Doll Museum in historic downtown Worthington, Ohio which features an impressive collection of 19th and 20th century dolls.


Discover painter Thomas Hart Benton, an artist who brings a cinematic approach to the art in his paintings stemming from the days he worked alongside early filmmakers. Get a look inside the Milwaukee Repertory Theater in Wisconsin and the life of the legendary performer Liberace. We visit PlatteForum, the non-profit arts organization in Denver, Colorado that combines working artists with at-risk youth. And artist Larry Vienneau creates visual narratives that tell stories about the Raven and Crow.

Cans, Fractals and Emeralds

Actress Sirena Irwin gives audiences more of the beloved character Lucy Ricardo in the new stage adaptation of "I Love Lucy." We visit "Canstruction," a place where groups gather to create their own designs out of canned goods. Artist Jonathan Wolfe shares his fascination with how fractals mirror patterns in nature and Rahul Kadakia, the Head of Jewelry at Christie’s Americas & Switzerland discusses the significance of emeralds throughout history.

Capture the Moment

St. Louis photographer Angela Vories applies her experience with other visual arts to her pictures, to create effects that elicit feelings and thoughts about the nature of photography. Meet Bernard Gaddis, owner of the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater, and discover the love for his craft and the art of dance. Artist Rebecca Rose sculptures are both decorative and functional as each ring is crafted with exquisite detail and tells a story. And artist Brian Keeler shares how light and nature are constant themes throughout his work.


Visit the Sideshow of Pamela Joseph that leads viewers through contemporary notions of female power while delivering the underlying theme of tolerance. Go on a photo shoot with Eric Anderson as he captures a world of imaginary creatures and fire. Meet the SMAG Dance Collective that will dance everywhere and anywhere and discover the cultural influence to an artist’s work.


The end of the 19th century in France (a period known as Din de Siecle) was a time of major political unrest and cultural transformation. And responding to all of this were, of course, the artists. Ayad Akhtar is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and author. Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he has partnered with his hometown theater--the Milwaukee Rep--to produce all of his works. Go behind the scenes at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens to see what went into creating their Burning Man exhibit. Artist Donna Jackson's bodies of work are the results of what she’s learned from womanhood and what she wants to share from her hometown.


In Columbus, Ohio, there is a vibrant roller-skating culture that is alive and well. Members of the community gather together at the rink, hit the floor, and move to the music. We head to Reno, Nevada to find out more about artisan cocktail making. With seasonal ingredients and delightful garnishes, these cocktails become flavorful works of art. We meet Ashley Armitage, a graphic designer based in Saratoga Springs, New York, where she runs her own studio and develops standout design pieces for a variety of clients. In Detroit, Michigan, artist Desiree Kelly creates memorable, vivid portraits of public, historical icons. With each portrait she renders, she highlights her subject’s life and personality.


Check out an initiative in Reno, Nevada that promotes collaboration and aims to bring art projects to the public space. Meet an artist who is rethinking the quilt making process and creating colorful, eye-catching quilts made of photographs. The Hudson River Skywalk connects the homes of Thomas Cole and Frederic Church, two famous Hudson River School artists. Learn more about these painters and how this walkway came to be. In Houston, Texas, the Menil Drawing Institute highlights modern and contemporary drawings and features a singular architectural design.

Colorful Gifts

Go back stage with the Siren Society, a group of female aerial dancers and contortionists from Reno. The Museum of Fine Arts announced it’s been given a gift of European art so staggering, it’s a game-changer. Painter David Horton presents stories in his colorful canvases, filled with symbolic icons and fantastic creatures. Keith Neltner is an artist, illustrator, and the founder of Neltner Small Batch, a rural design workshop that crafts artisan product design for some familiar brands.

Comic Adventures

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's director of 25 years has recently announced she will be stepping down. We chat with her about why it's time to go and the theft that still haunts her. Painter George Kovach, best known for his landscapes of Texas, shares with us that nostalgia is what inspires his work. We talk with notable comic book artist Jason Aaron. And The Urban Conga works to make a difference by getting people out in the community.