Essential Questions
  • What is our place in the universe?
  • How do the components of our solar system move and interact with one another?
  • How do the motions of Earth and the Moon affect our lives?
  • How were stars and constellations important to ancient peoples?
  • How has technology aided us in our study of the universe?
  • How does the relationship between the Earth and Sun creates changes over time encompassing the water cycle, climate and weather, and seasonal patterns?
  • How does the position of Earth in the solar system affect the conditions on our planet?
  • How does the Earth’s atmosphere impact life on the Earth?
  • How does the rotation of the Earth affect the Earth’s seasons?
  • How does space exploration help humans to solve problems on Earth?
  • Why is the power of gravity so important to the solar system?
  • How we know that the universe is continuously evolving/expanding.