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  • The Carbon Diaries 2015, by Saci Lloyd
    (Fiction) In 2015, when England becomes the first nation to introduce carbon dioxide rationing in a drastic bid to combat climate change, sixteen-year-old Laura documents the first year of rationing as her family spirals out of control.
  • The Carbon Diaries 2017, by Saci Lloyd
    (Fiction) In 2017, two years after England introduces carbon dioxide rationing to combat climatic change, eighteen-year-old Laura chronicles her first year at a London university as natural disasters and political upheaval disrupt her studies.
  • Climate Change: Headline Issues, by Megan Cotugno
    This book discusses how human-related activities are contributing to the warming of the Earth's climate, describes the effects of climate change on people and the environment, and outlines measures that can be taken to help manage the problem.
  • In Search of the Canary Tree, by Lauren E. Oakes
    The award-winning and surprisingly hopeful story of one woman’s search for resiliency in a warming world.
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