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Attention Educators:
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Teaching Climate Science

“Climate change is one of the most important science issues of our time.”
Utah Science Teachers Association, Spring 2010 Newsletter

Greetings teachers! As you know, climate issues capture the attention of young people. It’s in the news and on people’s minds.  This site provides climate science resources for your classroom. Learners of science need to understand critical issues – including air quality, water scarcity, alternatives to fossil fuels that are in limited supply, and how to use critical analysis skills to sort through all the information.  Gaining an understanding of these issues will, we hope, ensure economic, social and environmental prosperity for all learners.

Climate Messaging Ideas for Practitioners

  1. Illustrate what it means for the climate to change. Our lives are dependent on a stable climate.
  2. Leverage the idea of “too much carbon” and the reduction of carbon.
  3. Convey the link between energy and carbon in the atmosphere. Explain where energy comes from and the difference between fossil fuel energy and carbon-free energy like wind and solar.
  4. Illustrate energy efficiency so we burn less coal, oil, and gas.
  5. Discuss the idea that we are at a crossroads – young people can assist with the shift away from carbon-based fossil fuels and take advantage of new jobs and opportunities.

Source: (Pike, 2010)