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General Climate Resources

  • EPA Climate Change Kids PageEPA Climate Change Kids Page
    This web page focuses on the science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address climate change issues. It is designed as a resource for both kids and educators.
  • Global Climate Change: Research ExplorerGlobal Climate Change: Research Explorer
    At this web site, you can explore scientific data relating to the atmosphere, the oceans and the living organisms in these domains. You’ll also get a sense of how scientists study natural phenomena and how researchers gather evidence, test theories, and come to conclusions.
  • NCAR Climate ResearchNCAR Climate Research
    The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) provides a wealth of information on topics related to weather and climate and to climate change.
  • Skeptical ScienceGlobal Warming & Climate Change Myths
    A summary of global warming and climate change myths, sorted by recent popularity vs. what Science says.
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Utah Climate Resources

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Spanish Language Resources