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CTE/Education & Training Curriculum FCS 6th Grade
Lesson Plans

Strand 3

Students will be introduced to family responsibilities, and child development.

Standard 2

Identify aspects related to the care and development of children.
  • FACS: CPR/First Aid Clever Catch Ball (HS)
    The purpose of this activity is to teach students about CPR and First Aid.
  • FACS: Candy or Medicine
    This activity helps students see how much medicine looks like candy if you can't read the label.
  • FACS: Child Care (Child Dev)
    Students will review child abuse, safety precautions, and participate in various activities that teach these concepts.
  • FACS: Child Care Activities (Child Dev)
    Activities to prepare students to work with young children.
  • FACS: Child Care Review Game (Child Dev)
    This game helps students remember and assimilate information learned in the Child Care Unit. It can be used for other subjects but the questions need to have at least 4 correct answers. This game can also be used as the evaluation tool. Remind the students that even though they may give a correct answer, it has to be one of the top four answers identified by the class.
  • FACS: Child Safety-Therapeutic Services (HST)
    Students will learn how to respond to emergencies involving children. Students will learn about emergency health care workers by sharing personal stories about medical emergencies, ponder case studies, view a video, participate in class and small group discussions, complete written assignments, and interview the guest speaker.
  • FACS: Early Childhood Education Preschool
    Students will create and participate in a developmentally appropriate preschool experience with preschoolers in class.
  • FACS: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
    Students will participate in activities that will introduce them to the career field of Early Childhood Education.
  • FACS: Keys for Caregiving (Child Dev)
    Caregivers have the responsibility to meet the needs of those in their care. There are many ways to help children develop while one acts as their caregiver.
  • FACS: Marketing a Child Care Service (Mktg)
    Students will explore the concepts of marketing (product, promotion, price, place) through the process of promoting themselves as child care providers.
  • FACS: Why Behaviors Differ (Child Care)
    Students will learn about the different abilities of children ages two months to 4 years. They will fill out a worksheet while watching a PowerPoint presentation.

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