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CTE/Agricultural, Food & Natural Resources Curriculum Food And Nutrition
Lesson Plans

Strand 2

Students will apply the skills of kitchen equipment and management. (Suggested 5 days)
  • Food and Nutrition I Review
    Students complete skill requirements for Utah State test. Also Students review information they will be tested on.
  • Foods I Pretest
    At the start of the semester provide the students with a pretest to see what they know or don't know in the area of foods. Go over how to use and care for the range and refrigerator as a home assignment.
  • Kitchen Equipment & Lab Procedures - Level I
    Kitchen Equipment and Cleanliness
  • Kitchen Math - Levels I & II
    The use of mathematics as an important component of nutrition management and food preparation.
  • Kitchen Work Centers - Level II
    Work centers, storage areas, kitchen types and features.
  • Mystery Recipe Lab
    A pre-assessment activity for the students by giving them a mystery recipe (from a cookbook that they don't know exactly what they are making) at the beginning of the semester to see how well they read and follow the directions before any actual teaching instruction is given.
  • Safety Lab
    After spending a couple of class periods reviewing and talking about safety and sanitation, have the students prepare a taco salad as a group to practice good safety and sanitation procedures.

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