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CTE/Agricultural, Food & Natural Resources Curriculum Food And Nutrition
Lesson Plans

Strand 1

Students will consistently demonstrate food safety procedures and sanitation techniques. (Suggested 6 days)

Standard 2

Identify health and hygiene requirements for food handling.
  • Handwashing and Dishwashing
    This lesson teaches students about handwashing and dishwashing using information sheets.
  • Handwashing and Sanitation
    The students will visualize firsthand the importance of proper handwashing by using Glo-Germ - an assimilated germ source, varying temperatures of water and length of washing time as observed under a dark light. Proper handwashing, preparing foods by applying sanitation rules and guidelines will help to prevent food-borne illnesses and contamination.
  • Kitchen Cleaners
    Types of Cleaners. The Known. The Unknown
  • Kitchen Cleaning
    To clean!!! What, why and when
  • Kitchen Introduction Unit Test
    Testing the student's knowledge on Kitchen Safety, Sanitation, Equipment, Measuring, Cooking Terms, Abbreviations, Substitutions, Equivalents, Reading and Parts of a Recipe, and the Microwave Oven.
  • Safe and Sanitary Work Habits - Level I
    Safe and sanitary work habits.
  • Safety Lab
    After spending a couple of class periods reviewing and talking about safety and sanitation, have the students prepare a taco salad as a group to practice good safety and sanitation procedures.

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