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CTE/Agricultural, Food & Natural Resources Curriculum Food And Nutrition
Lesson Plans

Strand 3

Students will identify the sources and functions of carbohydrates and apply appropriate food preparation techniques. (Suggested 7 days )

Standard 3

Apply food selection and preparation guidelines related to quick breads, grains and pasta.
  • Cereal Grains
    Students will learn the basics about cereal grains. They will learn the main seven types of grains, the nutritional value found in cereal, and they will cook with a grain. They will also be able to taste cereal and compare cereal with and without sugar being added.
  • Eggs, Baked Eggs Lab, Day 2
    A comprehensive six day unit on the study of eggs, their structure, sizes, grades, nutritional value, functions in recipes, preparation techniques, and storage guidelines.
  • Grains and Rice Lab
    To identify the principle grains and the proper cooking technique for rice, grains and pasta.
  • Quick Breads - Biscuit Method Demo
    Introduce carbohydrates. An example of a carbohydrate comes from Quick Breads. Understanding the biscuit method will help you to prepare quick breads using this method.
  • Quick Breads, Biscuit Method Lab
    Understanding and following the steps to the biscuit method will help you to read, follow the directions and prepare similar quick breads.
  • Quick Breads, Muffin Method Demo
    Understanding the Muffin Method will help you to prepare many different Quick Breads using this method.
  • Quick Breads, Muffin Method Lab
    Understanding the muffin method will help you to prepare quick breads using this method.
  • Quick Breads, Pancake/Waffle Lab and Quick Breads Test
    A lab preparing pancakes or waffles is another example of a quick bread. Testing knowledge on Quick Breads which are high in carbohydrates and fall in the Bread, Cereal, Grain Food Group on the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • Quick Breads- 9th grade
    Quick breads are fun, nutritious, and quick and easy to make.
  • Quick Breads: A Practical Application
    The ingredients, methods and processes that produce quality products from stir-and-pour batters.

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