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CTE/Agricultural, Food & Natural Resources Curriculum Food And Nutrition
Lesson Plans

Strand 5

Students will identify the sources and functions of select vitamins, minerals and water and apply appropriate food preparation techniques to foods high in these nutrients. (Suggested 7 days)

Standard 4

Apply food selection and preparation guidelines related to fruits and vegetables.
  • Fruit
    Students will learn the serving sizes of fruit, the nutritional value, and what to look for when buying fruit. They will look at enzymatic browning and learn about pesticides found on fruit.
  • Fruit Bingo
    The students will go over the notes on fruit which were provided by the teacher. They will then play this game to learn the different types of fruit and their classifications. Each student will receive a bingo card. The students will be shown different pictures of fruit using the fruit cards provided. Once a student calls Fruit, he/she must say the fruit's name and its classification.
  • Fruit Dessert
    A fruit dessert lab applying the preparation guidelines in preserving the nutrients, color, flavor and texture of the apples and preventing them from oxidizing.
  • Fruit Lecture and Lab
    A fruit lab and lecture identifying the preparation guidelines and techniques in preventing oxidation of fresh fruits, selection and storage of fruits, the importance of fruit in the diet with the recommended number of servings with serving sizes.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Salad Lab
    A combined lab using both fruits and vegetables in the preparation of a variety of salads applying the skills and techniques of fruit and vegetable preparation to be share with the class.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Test
    Testing the students knowledge on the importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet, the recommended servings and serving sizes, and the nutrients provided from eating fruits and vegetables particularly vitamin and minerals. In addition, selection, care and preparation guidelines in preserving the nutrients, color, flavor and texture in preparing vegetable and fruit food products.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: A Nutritionally Rich Base
    Nutrition contributions as well as proper selection, preparation and storage techniques for a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Vegetable Lab
    A vegetable lab using common preparation methods for vegetables: au gratin, minimum water method, broiled, panfry, frozen, and stuffed--to be shared and evaluated with the class.
  • Vegetable Lecture and Experiment
    A vegetable experiment and lecture identifying the preparation guidelines to preserve the nutrients, enhance the color, flavor and texture of the vegetables. Information regarding the selection, use and storage of vegetables.
  • Vegetables
    Students will evaluate what happens when vegetables are cooking in different solutions. They will see the effect of color change on cooking vegetables.

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