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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - 5th Grade
Lesson Plans

Standard 2

Students will understand the chronology and significance of key events leading to self-government.

Objective 2

Evaluate the Revolutionary War's impact on self-rule.
  • Revolutionary War
    After researching the time period around the Revolutionary War, students should understand the how's and why's behind the Revolution.

    Enduring Understanding:

    • Key events led to self-government in the colonies.
    • Change comes through revolution.
    • Independence was important to the American colonies.
    • Individuals, even outside of the elected leaders can have a profound impact on history.
    Essential Questions:
    • What factors contribute to war?
    • How did the Revolutionary War impact the colonies ability to rule themselves?
    • Does change only come through compromise?
    • Can an individual person make a difference?
  • Revolutionary War Debate
    Students will use debate as a tool for discussing the Revolutionary War.

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