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Health Education Curriculum Health Education - 3rd Grade
Lesson Plans

Strand 5 : NUTRITION (N)

Students will learn to make healthy nutritional choices and identify factors that influence food choices.

Standard 3.N.2:

Identify healthy foods, including snacks, in appropriate portion sizes.
  • Eat A Rainbow
    Students will create menus for a restaurants in small groups. The class will use them as a basis to order a healthy meal. Students need to know the difference between an "everyday food" and a "sometimes food." "Everyday foods" provide excellent fuel for the body to work efficiently and "sometimes foods" provide inferior fuel to the body. We CHOOSE what food to put into our bodies. When we choose healthy foods, our bodies work better and we live longer, stronger lives. If we select unhealthy foods to eat most of the time,our bodies will have trouble working efficiently and will place us at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease or stroke.
  • Health and Nutrition

    We will discuss give examples and talk about proper portion sizes based on MyPlate. Then students will create their own MyPlate, using cut outs from food magazines.

  • Healthy Nutrition
    3rd grade students will learn about the importance of good nutrition. They will learn about the nutrients in our food and how they help us to stay healthy.
  • Show Me Your Plate Game-Day
    Teaching students basic information about the needs of nutritious foods to eat and put into their body: Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Dairy, Meat and the portion sizes of each that are applicable for the their age group. Including what foods will provide energy and what foods will decrease the amount of energy.

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