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Health Education Curriculum Health Education I (7-8)
Lesson Plans


Students will apply practical knowledge and skills to develop lifelong behaviors for personal and community well-being.

Standard HI.SDP.4:

Identify how to maintain a healthy online relationship and the potential consequences of sharing private information using technology including photos and videos.
  • Appropriate Use of Technology
    This lesson is designed for teachers who would like to use one general lesson to teach several aspects of Internet safety. The subjects of cyber-bullying, cell phone safety and Internet safety are stressed.
  • Cell Phone Safety
    After reviewing the positives and negatives of cell phones and cell phone usage safety tips, students will explore a scenario in which a friendly relationship turns to a bullying one involving cell phones and computers.
  • Cyber-Bullying: What To Do
    Students will learn what cyber-bullying is, the consequences of it, and how to handle a cyber-bullying situation effectively.

    Activities are provided which take students through real-life situations. They have the opportunity to evaluate how they might feel and how they would act in certain situations.

  • Online Risks of Sharing your Personal Information
    Students are introduced to issues regarding Internet safety by doing a dramatization where students act out a scenario about a girl who puts herself at risk on the Internet. A discussion follows where students learn how and why it is critical to understand how destructive the Internet can be. Practical protective measures will be explained.

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