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Duchesne County

In 1914 the legislature created Duchesne County from part of Wasatch County. The county became official with the coming of the new year-1915. The state's highest mountain, Kings Peak (13,528 feet), is located in the county's Uinta Mountains. Major streams running through the county include the Strawberry, Duchesne, Lake Fork, and Yellowstone rivers.

The settlement of Duchesne County is unique in Utah history, for unlike much of the state, it did not occur under the direction of Brigham Young. Rather, it was settled by individuals who obtained 160 acres under the federal Homestead Act. Homesteaders were required to prove that they intended to farm the land. After five years of living on the land, making improvements, and paying $1.25 per acre homesteaders were given title to their homesteads.

Pinnacle Peaks.

Uintah Basin Applied Technology Center

Rock Creek flowing out of the canyon.

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