Sevier County

Sevier County Facts:

County Website: Sevier County
Area: 1,918 square miles;
: 21,539 (2018)
County Seat:
Origin of County Name: after the Sevier River, from the Spanish Rio Severo
Cities/Towns: Annabella, Aurora, Central Valley, Elsinore, Glenwood, Joseph, Koosharem, Monroe, Redmond, Richfield, Salina, Sigurd
Economy: livestock, manufacturing, trade
Points of Interest: Fremont Indian State Park, Fish Lake, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Elsinore White Rock School


About Sevier County:

Sevier County has a harsh name and a history to go with it. The county has many evidences of early Fremont and Anasazi Indians living the area as much as 7,000 years ago. Escalante and Domingues visited the area in 1776 on their journey looking for a salt lake in the north. When the Mormon settlers came to the valley in 1864, they set up many cities that had to be abandoned during the Black Hawk War in 1867. After 1870 (and even today) the area began to find success in agriculture, for example farming and raising cattle. With the addition of the telegraph in 1872 and the railroad in 1896, the county was finally able to connect with the world as well as share the many products it produces.

Richfield, the county seat, is a major stopping point for people on their way to the many national parks in the area. Interstate 70, built in the 1980’s, caused the county to look back at the early residents of Utah. While digging the way for the highway, construction workers came across the remains of one of the largest Fremont communities in the west. Artifacts were collected and eventually displayed at the Fremont Indian State Park. The Big Rock Candy Mountain, found in the southern most part of the county, was named after a famous 1928 song. A visit to Sevier County wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Fish Lake. After a quiet and restful visit to Fish Lake you will leave the county wondering why they called the county Sevier. (Of course it was named after the Sevier River, a large and important river in the county.)



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