Family Vacation: Utah Counties WebQuest

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The Process

Duchesne County
Cactus Flowers,
Duchesne County

Pair up with a buddy or two and decide what format your final product will be (e.g. PowerPoint or WordPerfect Presentations, poster, pamphlet, or your own way.) That will help you decide how to gather your information and pictures.

Decide which county you would like to visit. You need to find a county that is 100 miles from you. Ask your teacher or your parents for a map of Utah. You can use this map to figure out which counties are far enough away. Be sure to take a look at some of the Web sites on UEN's Counties of Utah Web page for each of the counties you think you might like to visit. The county pages are divided up into a quick summary at the top and links to some important web sites near the bottom.

As you're looking, think to yourself, “Does this county have what I need for each family member's requests? What sounds interesting to me?” Once you've chosen a county, check with your sources to make sure you're not doing the same one as your sister. (Hint: check with your teacher.) Hooray! You're ready to begin your plan!

Carbon County
Frozen waterfall off Hwy 6, Carbon County

Print out the following resources:

  • A map of your county. Just click on the county you have selected and look for the map link in the last column.
  • Print out the County Planning Worksheet (PDF). You can use this worksheet to record the places you plan on going to and any costs that will need to be paid.

You can start collecting pictures. Be sure to mark the links so that you can reference where they came from. If you are just printing your pictures, make sure they have the web address on the paper. If you are copying the pictures into your computer program, be sure to copy the link.

Here's where you decide how to put all your information together. The following are links to remind you how to make a good presentation using:

Emery County
Pastoral scene,
Emery County

Don't forget your audience! Mom and Dad have already told you what they like, so be sure to include that in your presentation. Go over your planning sheet and make sure you've got all that you were supposed to have. Then look at your finished project. What do you think? Do you like it? What about your buddies? How does it look? How about the pictures?

Practice sharing your presentation with your buddies or teacher. Your teacher might even have a few ideas on what your parents would like, especially since she or he is probably old like your parents. What do you think will make your presentation better than your sister's? Be sure to point those things out when you present.