Big 6 Resources

4. Use of Information

Engage in the source (read, listen, view, touch)

Most likely you will need to read, listen or view your source. If you can't understand any of it, be sure to ask an adult to help you. It's OK not to understand, it's not OK not to ask for help. You are looking for the information you need. You may not need to read, listen to, or view all of your source. You may be able to skip around, finding subheadings and topic sentences (read the first sentences in each paragraph) that will take you to your information.

Take out the relevant information from a source

It's time to take some notes.

by: Barbara A. Jansen -

Collection of resources:

  1. Note Taking

  2. Organizing

  3. Source Quality
  4. Citation


Graphic Organizers for Use of Information

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