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Student Submissions and Special Programs

  • Up Close & Far Away - Online exhibition from the Springville Museum of Art​
    Up Close and Far Away invites Utah K-12 students to reflect on their own experiences, activities, and commitments while looking closer at relationships, places, and things in their current spaces. This special online exhibition consists of submitted works from K-12 students across the state and their responses to COVID-19. Participate by viewing how Utah’s youth have coped with crisis and change.
  • Hamilton Education Program
    The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and HAMILTON are thrilled to announce EduHam at Home, a free digital program for students and their families.  Families can explore the world of HAMILTON and America’s founding era together and students are invited to create and perform their own narrative in the form of a song, rap, spoken word, or scene. This free program is open to K-12 students and their families (and will be of particular interest to students in grades 6-12).


Teaching Fine Arts Online

Art of Education

The Art of Education has resources that you have to pay for to access the Pro Packs, but there are also numerous free resources. The Art of Education has videos, podcasts, articles, lesson ideas, how-to’s with media, etc.


Lesson Plans

  • Springville Museum of Art
    Springville has been hosting Evening 4 Educators and compiling lesson plans for years.  These are tailored to our Utah core standards. There are a lot of great ideas here that could be adapted.
  • Utah Museum of Fine Art
    UMFA has a wide range of lesson plans available, which include handouts and other resources.  
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Lesson Plans
    This website has around 30 lesson plans based around themes or specific works of art.  Each lesson plan has goals, objectives, connections to the core, activities, and references to specific works of art.
  • TEDEd Visual Arts Lessons Page
    TedEd can help you build lessons around videos.  If you go to this page, there are tons of fabulous videos, not just ted talks but from all over, that you could use to highlight different artists and art styles.
  • Nasco
    Nasco has developed lesson plans for all levels. Most of these lesson plans are intended to be taught in the classroom, but they could possibly be easily adapted to fit online needs.
    Integrated Visual Art lessons geared towards Elementary grades.  The lessons can be downloaded and shared easily. They have standards listed for both Visual Art and the Core subject being integrated.  They have easy-to-follow directions with images that could be implemented by a parent. 
  • Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program
    Integrated Visual Art lesson plans geared towards Elementary grades.  
  • Advancing ARTS Leadership
    Visual Art vocabulary, basic drawing skills, and lesson plans for Elementary Visual Art. 
  • Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art
    NEHMA's educators have created online learning modules that use art from the museum's collection to guide students through an exploration of Utah's landscapes and wildlife, fulfilling Common Core standards for science, fine arts, and social studies.


Sketchbook Prompts


Online Lesson / Demo

Online Indonesian Pop Art Lesson using Google Drawings
Lesson by: Roger Whiting, Community Arts of Utah  

Lesson Introduction (for K-12 Teachers): Pop art is a style of art that began in America with artists such as Andy Warhol who did paintings of things from everyday life such as celebrities and product logos. Watch Tate Museum for Kids Video about Pop Art video. Digital illustration artists in Indonesia took the principles of pop art and created a movement called WPAP - Wedha Pop Art Portraits, popularized by artist Wedha Abdul Rasyid.

Assignment: Choose a photo and trace it using Google Drawings. First, pick a photo. You can use your camera app, if you want to photograph yourself, or you can choose a photo of an animal or a person off the internet. Make sure it is school-appropriate, of course. Right-Click on the photo, and click "Copy". Follow along with the videos below to transform that photo into a colorful assortment of shapes!

Utah State Core Standards:

  • Elementary: Standard 6.V.CR.3: Demonstrate openness in trying new ideas, materials, methods, and approaches in making works of art and design.
  • Secondary: Standard 7–8.V.CR.5: Demonstrate persistence in developing skills with various materials, methods, and approaches in creating works of art or design.


Webinars & Workshops



For Students

  • Art Shop by Spy Hop
    The Spy Hop Art Shop provides on-demand video tutorials for hands-on STEAM based art projects. Professional artist mentors have created easy to follow videos that provide an engaging step-by-step process to make cool stuff! 


Resources by Topic

Art History Resources

  • Khan Academy
    Khan Academy has an INCREDIBLE resource that has the entire AP Art History curriculum (250+ works) online. There is a good combination of videos and articles. Most of the time, the two professors (Beth and Stephen) do a podcast format where they are having a conversation about the artwork and can also provide visuals of the work while they are talking about it. 
  • Smarthistory
    Beth and Stephen, who run the Khan Academy Art History, also have their own website, Smarthistory.  This is very similar to above, but without a format that makes people wonder if they are supposed to be there if they aren’t in AP Art History.
  • Mymodernmet
    This website has the coolest articles and are spotlighting both contemporary art and art history.  You could get lost for hours looking at the amazing artwork being made. I think these articles would be really interesting for students.
  • Art Through Time: A Global View
    This website talks about art thematically across cultures and time.  There is a 25 minute or so video for each theme, and then there are more in-depth dives into specific works of art highlighted in the video.  Some themes include “History and Memory,” “Converging Cultures,” “Dreams and Visions,” “The Urban Experience,” “The Natural World.” These videos are great to get people thinking about how art communicates these big thematic ideas in such a universal way.
  • The Art Story
    This is another awesome website with great overviews of different art historical movements.  There are videos, articles, key ideas, quotes, and breakouts for major artists within each movement.  Very accessible and well-designed.
  • TEDEd Visual Arts Lessons Page
    TedEd can help you build lessons (I haven’t done it yet) around videos.  If you go to this page, there are tons of fabulous videos, not just ted talks but from all over, that you could use to highlight different artists and art styles.
  • Smithsonian American Art Museum
    If you wanted to focus in on American Art, you can look at these resources by time period chronologically or by theme. Some themes include “Conflict and Adversity,” “Freedom and Social Change,” Heroes and Leaders,” “Humans and the Environment,” “Identity,” “Immigration and Migration,” Industry, Invention, and Progress.”  When you click on a theme, there are multiple artworks that you can click on for more information. It gives some context of the art, but there is even an Observe and Interpret Activity.


Contemporary Art Resources

  • Art Everyday
    A program designed to provide children and families with creative art activities during self-isolation.
  • Art 21
    Art in the 21st century is a television series on PBS that investigates contemporary artists.  There are 9 seasons out so far. Each season has an episode that focuses on a theme. They choose 4 artists that explore that theme and interview them, film them in their studio, setting up exhibits, etc. Each artist segment is around 15 minutes. Preview these videos before you post them.  Some deal with more adult content.
  • Mymodernmet
    This website has the coolest articles and are spotlighting both contemporary art and art history.  You could get lost for hours looking at the amazing artwork being made. These articles would be really interesting for students.
  • Crafts in America
    Craft in America explores the vitality, history and significance of the craft movement in the United States and its impact on our nation's rich cultural heritage.
  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art UMOCA
    Daily hands-on Art Everyday projects for your students, lesson plans from past Evenings for Educators events and more.
  • UMOCA’s Art Truck
    UMOCA created a 360-degree virtual tour of the Art Truck exhibition, including a worksheet with questions and concepts educators can use to guide their students on the tour.
  • UMOCA's Lawn Gnomes 2020
    If you or any of your students would like to be a part of  Lawn Gnomes 2020, all you need to do is make something for your yard, take a photo of it, post it on your social media account with the hashtags #lawngnomes2020 #utahmoca #umoca. We will then highlight the work on our social media platforms and, with your permission add it to our map of artworks.
  • Jane Christensen - UMOCA Virtual Tour
  • Devin Harclerode - UMOCA Virtual Tour
  • Utah Collects - UMOCA Virtual Tour
  • The Guerrilla Girls - UMOCA Virtual Tour





Choral Resources