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Teachers - Science: Informal Science Education Enhancement

General Information

It is the desire of all science teachers and leaders that while students are continuing to learn from home during the temporary soft closure due to COVID-19 that science instruction remains effective, meaningful, and aligned to state standards to support continued learning. This is a living document that will be updated and adjusted as more information and resources are created.


General Resources

Keeping Students Engaged in Meaningful Experiences

While it is not possible to continue with school as usual at this time, which means the iSEE outreach, fieldtrip, and professional development programs will not occur as usual, it is critical that students continue to engage in meaningful science experiences. In order to accomplish this, the iSEE organization members have developed resources for use at home for distance-learning contexts.


Teacher Resources

The resources provided focus mostly on the Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) standards. However, other meaningful science resources are also provided. In all, distance-learning opportunities for teachers and students in the form of lesson plans, instructional videos, and virtual field trips are included. Additionally, to more efficiently locate developmentally appropriate resources, they are listed by grade level or content area bands.


Grade/Course Science Resources

Click on the grade or course below to find the student science experiences that can be used with students: