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Teachers - UEN Screencasts

A series of Instructional videos to help educators set up learning experiences for students to Learn @ Home!

Seesaw for K-6 Classrooms

In this video, Jami Gardner takes us through the basics of Seesaw, a student driven digital portfolio. She shows us how this tool will let us customize assignments to allow for creative and personalized responses from students.

Adding Time To Climb to Nearpod Lesson

In this video, Michael Hakkarinen teaches us how to add a Time to Climb game into your Nearpod lesson. If you haven't heard of Time to Climb, it's a game-based learning experience that students can join from any device.

Video Chats with Google Meet

In this video, Jared Covili, with the help of Jared Fawson, work us through the Google Meet video conferencing tool. This tool can be used to present slideshows, share screens, video chat and more!

Google Docs Cloud Assignment in Canvas

In this video, Michael Hakkarinen walks us through embedding a Google Docs Cloud assignment into Canvas. With this tool students can modify their assignments with the features of Google Docs but submit directly to Canvas.

Monitoring Student Analytics in Canvas

In this video, Shannon Ririe helps us find different indicators of your students' performance in Canvas outside of the gradebook. She teaches us how to use the "People" tool to see student activity, progress and more!

YouTube Playlists

In this video, Michael Hakkarinen shows us how easy it is to make playlists in YouTube and share them to our classes, learning communities and more!

Nearpod Integration for Google Slides

In this video, Michael Hakkarinen shows us how to easily create a Nearpod lesson in Google Slides with the Nearpod “add-on”.

Record Video in Canvas

In this video, Jami Gardner shows the process of adding video within Canvas. She explains the different uses of video communication, from teacher end to student end, and shows you how implement it step by step.

Quizzes with Google Forms

In this video, Michael Hakkarinen talks us through making a quiz using Google Forms. We learn that with access to Google Suite, anyone can make a gradable quiz to share.

Making the Most with Modules

In this episode, Jared Fawson teaches us the secrets of adapting modules in Canvas to suit your teaching style or your students' needs. He covers rearranging modules, requiring student submissions, duplicating assignments and more.

Exploring Wonderopolis

In this video, Jami Gardner shows us the fun and hidden Utah's Online Library resource, Wonderopolis! This resource is ideal for exploring little-known facts and engaging students' critical thinking skills.

Admin Communication Norms

In this video, Dani Sloan describes and models best practices for virtual meetings and how to make them as efficient and effective as possible.

COVID-19 Lessons From Nearpod

In this video, Michael Hakkarinen shows the lessons from Nearpod that help inform students about health, wellness, concerns around COVID-19 and more. The screencast displays how you can save and share, enabling you to adapt the content for your class.

Effective Online Discussions

In this video, Jared Fawson teaches instructors how to engage and connect via online discussions. He addresses the pros and cons of online discussion platforms and provides the support to work through it.

Canvas K-2

This video is made for Kindergarten through second grade teachers interesting in using Canvas with their learners. We talk about techniques and hacks specifically for our youngest students.

Getting Started with Modules

In this episode, Jared Fawson gives us the basics of creating modules in Canvas. This video is for people who have just started using courses in Canvas and need help inputting content. Watch and follow along!

Visual Canvas Home Page

In this video, Shannon Ririe encourages Canvas users to enhance the visuals on their course home page. Step-by-step she shows us how to create custom text, colorful buttons, videos and more, to elevate the look of the pages.

Canvas Communication

In this video, Dani Sloan explains section by section the different aspects of communication available in Canvas. She covers the Canvas inbox, the speedgrader tool and, the fan-favorite, "message students who" tool.

Preschool Pioneer Tools

In this video, Dani Sloan informs us about the resources available in Preschool Pioneer for our youngest learners. You will learn about preMedia, activity calendars, resources just for parents and online learning games.

Creating and Using Flipgrid

In this video, Dani Sloan goes through the tool Flipgrid and how it is used to connect to your students. Dani will walk us through creating a flipgrid, managing student responses and viewing student videos.

Sharing Online Educational Games and Activities with Your Students

In this video, Rob Bentley teaches us how to access several interactive, educational games that you can use in the home or as homework assignments for students.

Creating Canvas Discussions

In this video, Jared Fawson takes a deeper dive into all the different features of creating discussions in Canvas. He shows which features work best based on the lesson or assignment.

Gale - Opposing Viewpoints

In this video, Jared Fawson teaches us how to use Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints for research. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints is the premier online resource covering today's issues and can be found in Utah's Online Library.

Nearpod - Student Paced

In this quick screencast, Michael Hakkarinen, demonstrates how teachers can set up a student-paced Lesson in Nearpod.

Using Nearpod with Canvas

In this video, Michael Hakkarinen models how you can integrate Nearpod seamlessly into Canvas. This lesson will cover making Nearpod an embedded assignment along with covering how to view student reports without leaving Canvas.

Mobilize Learning with Canvas Apps

In this video, Michael Hakkarinen takes us through the history of the Canvas app and how educators can optimize assignments/lessons to fit their mobile learners' needs.