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Child Care SLCC FHS 2600 Internet Ch. 1 (DAP, Theories)

Main Core Tie

Early Childhood Education 1
Strand 1 Standard 1

Additional Core Ties

Child Development
Strand 2 Standard 1

Time Frame

2 class periods of 90 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills



Cheryl Moyle


This is an overview of the Salt Lake Community College Internet Course FHS 2600 Introduction to Early Childhood Education Chapter 1 and covers:

  • Developmentally Appropriate Pratice
  • Developmental Theories
  • Children's Developmental Stages


  • PowerPoint projector
  • Real apple for each group
  • Styrofoam apple for each group
  • Computer copy of apple for each group
  • Variety of apple corers and peelers

Background for Teachers

Use this day to teach the state guidelines for DAP. This is day 2 of the State Child Care class.

Instructional Procedures



Text books:

  • Brewer, JoAnn; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Pearson; 2004; edition 5.
  • Bredekamp, Sue; Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Child Programs Revised Edition; NAEYC; 1997

Created: 07/26/2004
Updated: 02/05/2018