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TRB 4:5 - Investigation 10 - Mammal Oral Reports

Group Size



Utah LessonPlans


Students will research a Utah mammals and then create and present a mini-report.




  • Pre-write diagram (pdf)
  • Overhead copy of pre-write diagram
  • Resources for student research
  • Rough draft paper
  • Final draft paper

Background for Teachers

Students will research and give a short oral report on a mammal. They will use a rubric to self-evaluate their work.

Intended Learning Outcomes

2. Manifest scientific attitudes and interest
4. Communicate effectively using science language and reasoning

Instructional Procedures

Pre-Assessment/Invitation to Learn

Share with students your favorite wild mammal and why you like it. List interesting facts about that animal. Ask the students what their favorite mammals are. Why is that one their favorite mammal? How does it obtain food? How does it build its home? How does it spend its winter? Does it migrate? How does it care for its young?

Instructional Procedure

  1. Explain to students that they will be doing a mini-research and presenting an oral report on a Utah mammal.
  2. Allow the students to pick a Utah mammal or assign each student a different mammal common to Utah. Please use a mammal from the animals list in the core.
  3. Prepare a list of places students can find resources from the library, Internet, and computer programs. (A list of resources are listed at the end of this activity page.)
  4. Pass out research and graphic organizers for the oral report.
  5. Model how to find information from resources and record on diagram.
  6. Allow students time to find at least three resources and record information on the graphic organizer.
  7. Teacher models how to take information from graphic organizer and share it orally.
  8. Students should follow balanced literacy’s speaking model. Have them practice with a partner.
  9. Allow students time for oral reports.


Fine Arts/Visual Arts-

  • Have the students draw pictures of their mammals in their habitats. (Standard III, Objective 1)
  • Make dioramas with their mammals in their habitats. (Standard III, Objective 1)

Homework & Family Connections

  • Have the students take their books home. Have them read the books to their parents or smaller children in their families. Have them report in class their success and feelings in reading to family members.

Assessment Plan

Review the Animal Report Rubric with the students before oral reports are started so that they know what is expected.


Created: 08/12/2004
Updated: 09/07/2022