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A Book About Me

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - Kindergarten
Standard 1 Objective 1


Utah LessonPlans


Each student will create a book about themselves using the book template.



  • A Book About Me (pdf), assembled
  • Color copied picture of each student
  • Crayons (to measure with as well as color with)
  • Pencils
  • Crayons

Additional Resources

  • Hop, Skip, Jump, by Nicola Tuxsworth; ISBN 075480383X
  • My Two Hands/My Two Feet, by Rick Walton; ISBN 0399233385
  • It's Okay to Be Different, by Todd Parr; ISBN 0316666033
  • Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, by Al Perkins; ISBN 0001712012

Background for Teachers

The body consists of arms, hands, fingers, feet, etc. Demonstrate how to measure with a crayon.

Intended Learning Outcomes

4. Develop physical skills and personal hygiene.

Instructional Procedures

Invitation to Learn
Place books on the tables with crayons.

Instructional Procedures

  1. Discuss different parts of the body.
  2. Discuss length and how to measure body parts.
  3. Demonstrate how to make the book.
  4. Each student will make their own book, A Book About Me!
  5. Place books in a bookshelf for everyone to read.
  6. Provide reading time later for students to read each others’ books.



  • Graph length of different body parts.
  • Graph the height of the students.
  • Make a 3D Tin Foil Man.
    1. Take a piece of tin foil and make four tears.
    2. Squish the tin foil into two arms, two legs, and a head.
    3. Place a piece of pipe cleaner in one of the arms or legs.
    4. Secure in a block or piece of Styrofoam.
    5. Position your tin man into an action.
    6. Write a sentence about what your tin man is doing.

Family Connections

  • Measure a family member at home.
  • Make another tin foil man at home.

Assessment Plan

  • Does the student use the ruler the right way?
  • Is the student able to identify the various body parts?

Created: 09/08/2004
Updated: 02/05/2018