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Family Responsibilities

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - 1st Grade
Standard 1 Objective 2


Utah LessonPlans


This activity involves jobs families have to do around the house.



Background for Teachers

Teachers need to be aware of intended learning outcomes. Nearly all of the objectives deal with the first grader in relationship to the family and community. Teachers should also be aware of various household responsibilities needed to make the family unit function.

Intended Learning Outcomes

2. Develop social skills and ethical responsibility.
6. Communicate clearly in oral, artistic, written, and nonverbal form.

Instructional Procedures

Invitation to Learn
Have a class discussion of all the jobs families have to do around the house. Teacher will use shared writing to make a list of jobs (e.g., washing dishes, making beds, taking out garbage, etc.).

Instructional Procedures

  1. During class discussion, talk about the possible jobs each family member may do in the home.
    1. Given picture cards of each task, students will decide which family member would best perform the given task.
    2. Teacher will help students to understand that it takes everyone in the family to run a home.
  2. Teach Task Song.
  3. Give each student a Family Task Puzzle to label with family member names and what task they do at home.
  4. Students will record their learning in a Create-A-Log.
    1. Make a response log for Create-A-Log Coupons.
    2. Choose a Create-A-Log Coupon to determine your response.


Use a Venn Diagram to compare student tasks with the jobs that other family members do. Students will be able to see which are the same and which are different.

Family Connections

  • Students will take a Family Task Puzzle home to complete with actual family jobs.
  • Students may sing Task Song and tell of meaning.
  • Students may share their entry in their Create-A-Log.

Assessment Plan

  • During discussion and writing time, check for understanding of whether job descriptions are appropriate.
  • Use Venn Diagram to check for understanding.
  • Students will record their learning in their personal Create-A-Log.

Created: 09/15/2004
Updated: 02/05/2018