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Heritage: Legends, Fairy Tales and the Native Americans of Utah

Time Frame

2 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication




In their study of the Native Americans of Utah, students will compare and contrast a legend with a fairy tale and share their ideas by creating a venn diagram.


Overhead of a venn diagram and 2 books (Cinderella and The Rough-Faced Girl).

Background for Teachers

Students will understand the elements of fairy tales, legends, and venn diagrams. This lesson would be appropriate when comparing/contrasting the legends of the Native Americans with fairy tales.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Sttudents will compare and contrast a legend with a fairy tale and share their ideas by creating a venn diagram.

Instructional Procedures

Display the two books to be read. Discuss the differences and similarities of legends and fairy tales. Review the Four Essential Questions Extend students understanding of diversity by reading Cinderella and The Rough-Faced Girl to the class and have a discussion about the stories. List for students the criteria for venn diagrams on the overhead. For example: Overlapping circles represent similarities, and the area where circles do not overlap represent differences. Guide small groups of students as they develop venn diagrams based on the similarities and differences of the two stories. Close the lesson by sharing several examples of student venn diagrams. Heather Giles, Crystal Watson, Charles Thorpe (all fourth grade teachers at Mt. Loafer Elementary in Salem, Utah) collaborated on this project.


Students could choose one of the stories and create their own picture. They could write their own fairy tale or legend. They could also write a paper comparing/contrasting the differences between fairy tales and legends.

Assessment Plan

Venn diagram


Karlin/Marshall, Barbara/James Cinderella (Little Brown and Co., ) Martin/Shannon, Rafe/David The Rough-Faced Girl (Scholastic, )

Created: 04/01/1997
Updated: 02/02/2018