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Lab Equipment - Level II

Main Core Tie

Food Science
Strand 1


Utah LessonPlans


Equipment within the lab



Background for Teachers

If students distinguish, locate, and utilize equipment their food preparation, cooking, and cleanup will be simpler.

Refer to a text for equipment names and uses.

Instructional Procedures



  1. Option A: Students number their papers from 1-25. They will write the name of each piece of kitchen equipment that is pulled from a bag. Each piece is numbered. Debrief.
    Option B: Twenty-five numbered pieces of equipment are placed around the room. Students walk around with papers in hand and identify each piece. Debrief.
    Option C: Each unit identifies and brainstorms a short sentence as to the function of each piece of equipment pictured on SMALL EQUIPMENT IDENTIFICATION or another comparable equipment worksheet.
  2. The students select 3 recipes from a cookbook and write down the equipment needed for each.
  3. Each unit competes in an EQUIPMENT RACE. One student from each unit stands in his/her unit. Teacher calls out the name of a piece of equipment. The first student to locate and hold up the correct item from the unit wins a point for his/her group. One student volunteer is needed to assist in pinpointing the winner. After 6-7 turns the students rotate so all have a chance to participate. See list of equipment your department uses.
  4. Students observe a demonstration on use of the microwave with the recipe STICKY BUNS. See your microwave instruction manual.


TOOLS OF THE TRADE from Food for Today Student Workbook pp. 59-60

Created: 06/20/1997
Updated: 02/05/2018