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AIH-19: French and Indian War

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Students will know why major tribes were involved in the French and Indian War

Background for Teachers

This is the last of three lessons in the Eleventh Grade American Indian History Lesson Plan Unit:

Instructional Procedures

Essential Question 1: What were the causes of the French and Indian War?

Lecture and class discussion about causes of the war

  • The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy by Kirkpatrick Sale, 1991.
  • Through Indian Eyes by Readers Digest, 2003.
  • Encounters in the New World . A History in Documents by Jill Lepore,2000, Oxford University Press.
  • The French and Indian War
    Great background information

Essential Question 2: Why did the American Indians ally with the French against the British?

Teacher would begin with a quick overview of the French and Indian War. The Atlas of the North American Indian is a good resource. Reciprocal questioning, chunking and re-retext, on provided source.


  • Waldman, Carl. Atlas of the North American Indian. New York : Checkmark Books, 2000, pp. 124-26.
  • Recognize that the French & British brought their European war to the Americas.

Essential Question 3: How were the lives of American Indians changed as a result of the war?

With guidance from the teacher, students will perform research in the library, a computer lab, and at home using the following sites.

Assessment Plan

Essential Question 1: Assessment
From a list, students will choose the correct causes and write a short paragraph about the causes.

Essential Question 2: Assessment
Students will answer an Essay question based on text and internet research, citing sources.

Essential Question 3: Assessment
Students will research text and internet sources and give an oral presentation or written presentation. They could use maps as visuals. National Geographic has a new map in September 2004 issue.


Utah State Office of Education
Social Studies Enhancement Committee
American Indian History

Lesson Plan Writers:

  • Loya Arrum - Ute
  • Don Mose - Navajo
  • Irene Silentman - Navajo Nation
  • Brenda Francis
  • Janice Schroeder - Lummbee
  • Lee Borup
  • Gary Tom - Paiute, Tribal Council (Kaibab Band)
  • Dolores M. Riley, Consultant
Under the Direction of the Indian Education Specialist, Shirlee Silversmith. Special thanks to Dolores Riley.

Created: 02/03/2005
Updated: 02/01/2018