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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Main Core Tie

Health Education - 5th Grade

Additional Core Ties

Health Education - 5th Grade

Health Education - 5th Grade

Health Education - 5th Grade

Health Education - 5th Grade
Strand 5: NUTRITION (N)

Health Education - 5th Grade

Time Frame

5 class periods of 30 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills



Helen McWhorter


As a group, students will choose one of six things that factor into a healthy lifestyle and create a slide show for the class.


  • You will need computers with Internet access and a slide show program.
  • You will also need access to at least one digital camera.

Background for Teachers

Teachers should be aware of several web sites available for each of the different topics. For this project it possible to get most of the information students will need through the Utah's Online Library web site.

Student Prior Knowledge

Students should have had a lesson previously on Internet use and safety. They also should know how to cut, copy, and paste items from the Internet.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn how to use the slide show program.
  • Students will learn how to use the Internet for research.
  • Students will learn six different areas of their life that they need to think about to remain healthy.

Instructional Procedures

Day 1
Over the next few days, we are going to be learning how to keep ourselves healthy. There are many things we can do to keep our bodies and minds healthy so I want you to pick an area that you would like to learn more about. Pass out a small paper to each of the student and tell them that they are going to write their top three choices on that paper. Their choices are as follows:

  1. Food, Nutrition, and Eating
  2. Sleeping
  3. Exercise
  4. Staying Away From Drugs
  5. Stress Management
  6. Positive Interactions with Others

Have the students choose the three things they would like to study most, 1 being their first pick, 2 their second, and 3 their third.Have them fold their paper in quarters and collect the papers.

Day 2
Before day two the teacher should go through the slips and assign the groups according to what the students wrote down on their papers. As many students as possible should get their first choice and as few as possible should get their third choice. There should be four to five students per group and it is okay to do one subject more than once as long as all subjects are covered.
Divide the students into their groups.

Give them the handout that explains to them what they need to do for their group project.

Each person in the group should have a responsibility.

Have them write which part they will be responsible for on the paper.

Remind the class that this is a group effort.

The students now need to go onto the Internet.

When they find an item they want to use in their slide show, they need to click on it somehow and save it in their folder.

Students may now begin working on their presentations, at this point all information is stored in their personal folders.

Day 3
Today we will be learning how to use the digital camera. As part of your assignment you must have a least one picture taken with a digital camera. We only have one camera, so you will need to be very careful with it. Each group will be allowed time today to use the camera. When your group is done with the camera, you will need to pass it on to another group. When you are done taking pictures, you will need to have the teacher help you to download the pictures into your folder so that they can be used in your slide show.

Day 4
Students need to put the finishing touches on their presentations.
Today the students will learn to put their information onto their slides.

  1. Open the slide show program
  2. Click onto the first slide and click open
  3. Find an item that you would like to import to the slide
  4. click on the item and click open

The student should now have successfully inserted an item on to their slide. Each time they create a new slide, they need to save.

Day 5
Today each group will present their slide show to the class.

Assessment Plan


Created: 03/30/2005
Updated: 01/31/2020