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Sample Packet

Main Core Tie

Apparel Design and Production I
Strand 5 Standard 1

Time Frame

4 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size


Life Skills



Amber Williams


Students will learn several basic sewing techniques as they complete a sample packet of the following:

  • seam allowance
  • edge finishes
  • patch pockets
  • casings
  • buttonholes, sew on a button
  • serging
  • grading a seam allowance
  • basting/gathering
  • a machine-stitched hem
  • hand stitches


  • a sample packet for each student
  • 12 6X6" fabric squares for each student
  • thread for each student
  • scissors for each student
  • sergers and serger thread
  • 6"-length of elastic, ribbon or cording for each student
  • 2 buttons for each student
  • black, white, and orange wool scraps
  • black and white embroidery floss

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    Student will learn how to use basic sewing techniques.

    Instructional Procedures

    See the attached lesson plan



  • Created: 06/10/2005
    Updated: 02/05/2018