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Listen to Me Tell You the Story

Main Core Tie

English Language Arts Kindergarten
Reading: Literature Standard 2

Additional Core Ties

English Language Arts Kindergarten
Speaking and Listening Standard 2

English Language Arts Kindergarten
Speaking and Listening Standard 4

Time Frame

5 class periods of 30 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups


Grace Wayman


Students will listen to a familiar story with repetitive lines that the children can remember. They will make puppets and retell the story in small groups with an adult volunteer or an older child.


  • A book, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, by Jan Brett or Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. (Other familiar stories could be used.)
  • Materials for making puppets of teacher's choice: Sack, Stick, or character masks for children.
  • Parent volunteers or older students to help facilitate small group participation.

Intended Learning Outcomes

All children will participate in retelling a familiar story using puppets. This will help develop oral language and comprehension.

Instructional Procedures

First Day:

  • In a whole group setting, read the story to the children, allowing students to participate by saying the repetitive lines.

  • Stop at appropriate places in the story and let the children predict what comes next. (The Gingerbread Baby has a surprise ending.)

  • Also discuss the story as you read.
Second Day:
  • Read the story again the next day but allow the children to retell the story while you coach the children with, "What happened next?' or "What did the Gingerbread Baby say?"
Third Day:
  • Either in a whole group or small group have the children retell the story in sequence.

  • Write on a chart the sequence using key words. (e.g.: The man chased the Gingerbread Baby) Even though the children may not be able to read the chart, they see the print.
Fourth Day:
  • Reread the chart by pointing to the words as you read.

  • Have the children make character puppets such as stick puppets, sack puppets, or character masks.
Fifth Day:
  • Have the children retell the story is small groups using their puppets.

  • Have parent volunteers or older students facilitate the groups.


Encourage the children to retell the story at home to their parents or siblings.

Assessment Plan

Teacher can observe and record the details of the retell, expression, and the independence of the student during the retell.

Created: 08/10/2005
Updated: 02/05/2018