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Main Core Tie

Health Education - 3rd Grade

Time Frame

4 class periods of 30 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

  • Communication
  • Social & Civic Responsibility




Students will identify qualities within themselves that make them unique and special. Students will recognize self as different from others. Students will transfer acceptance of self to acceptance of others with differences.


Literature books about accepting self. Suggested titles include:

  • "A Bad Case of Stripes" by David Shannon
  • "We're Different, We're the Same" by Bobbi Jane Kates
  • "Elmer" by David McKee
  • "Babushaka Baby Yaga" by Patricia Polacco
  • "Three Cheers for Tacky" (there are several "Tacky" titles) by Helen Lester
  • "Saint George and the Dragon" by Margaret Hodges
  • "All the Places to Love" by Patricia MacLachlan
  • "Won't Somebody Play with Me" by Steven Kellog
  • "A Porcupine Named Fluffy" by Helen Lester
  • "Newsman Ned Meets the New Family" by Steven Kroll

  • Blank student books (attached)
  • Pencils/Crayons

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to write about what makes them unique. They will be able to verbalize the connection to accepting self, wanting others to accept them, and them accepting others without predjudice or judgement.

Instructional Procedures

Each day's lesson will follow the same basic format.

1. Choose a book/books to best introduce a discussion on a personal characteristic or trait.

  • Day 1 - "I am unique"
  • Day 2 - "I am special to my family"
  • Day 3 - "I am a good friend"
  • Day 4 - "My accomplishments"

These topics could be changed to meet the specific needs of your particular class.

2. Read the book/s to the class and discuss the day's topic

3. Have students write and illustrate a page in their "All About Me" book that correlates with the day's topic

  • Day 1 - "I am unique because..."
  • Day 2 - "I am special to my family because..."
  • Day 3 - "I am a good friend because..."
  • Day 4 - "My personal accomplishments are..."

Allow time for students to write and illustrate their book, including a cover, title page, etc.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  • Struggling students can verbalize their ideas to an adult who would write the words that the student could then copy into their book.
  • Advanced students could be given additional pages to expand their writing and their illustrations.


Patricia Polacco has an excellent web site that is engaging and interactive. She has a special page for her "Stop the Teasing" campaign.

Assessment Plan

Students will complete an "All About Me" book that describes their personal characteristics. Students will verbalize through discussion with the class, peers, and/or teacher how accepting self is the first step to accepting others.


Created: 07/13/2002
Updated: 01/15/2020