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Wax Museum

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - 6th Grade
Standard 3 Objective 2


heidi short
JoAnna Sorensen


Students will pick a famous person from a revolution and research about that person from several different sources. The student will then need to complete a worksheet that examines the essential questions for this standard. The student will then create a 2 to 3 minute script about the history of this person. The student will then create a background, dress up in time period clothing and present the information to the class.


• Wax Museum Worksheet • Resource books • Internet and computer access • Bulletin board paper • Paint and art supplies Wax Museum Rubric

Background for Teachers

This lesson can take on a life of its own. You can invite other classes to come in and participate in the wax museum. You can also have a parent's night and invite families to come and walk through the wax museum. However, if you do not have this kind of time you can simply run it as a book report. This lesson can incorporate social studies, technology, writing, reading, and, art.

Instructional Procedures

1. Asks students to identify some famous people of the different revelations. You could use this lesson right after you did the revolutionary characteristics lesson plan.

2. Have the children choose a person that they are most interested in. You can divide this up anyway you want to. There are plenty of people for each student to do or they can work in groups.

3. Allow the students time to research about their character. Make sure they use several different sources beside the internet.

4. Have them complete the worksheet about their character. Stress the essential questions of: (Don't be too concerned with dates but with ideas.)

a. How was this person like other revolutionaries?

b. How did this person impact the revolutions?

5. The students will then create a first person script about this person. If this person could tell their story what would they want people to know?

6. Now have them start working on their back drop. Use the bulletin board paper to make a simple setting for the student to stand in front of as they say their script. Teach a lesson on perspective in drawing and discuss how to make a 2 dimensional look 3 dimensional. (State Art Standard)

7. Then discuss appropriate costumes for the time period.

8. Spend time practicing the wax museum scripts; they will need to be memorized.

9. Have a dress rehearsal, where the kids watch each other and then have your special day.

Created: 07/25/2008
Updated: 02/04/2018