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Geography-Religion and Movement


Students will identify major tenets and distributions of world religions.



Coloring tools Wall map of the world Computer/internet access Distribution Map of world religions Graphic Organizer of World Religions "World Distribution and Size of Major World Religions" worksheet 2 blank world outline maps per student

Background for Teachers

This lesson refers to some resources found in the book "World Religions" by Teacher Created Materials, TCM 624 (ISBN# 1-55734-624-0). When possible, internet alternatives have been provided.

Instructional Procedures

Anticipatory Set:

Begin with a KWL activity or discussion to assess students' prior knowledge of tenets and locations of major religions of the world.

Day One

Break the class into five groups. Each group will be given a religion to research using the website Students will fill in a graphic organizer on maor religions, then share in a jigsaw activity.

Day Two

The individual mapping activity will be in three parts:

1. Locate place of origin and important cities or regions on a blank outline map.

2. Color the map showing Distribution of World Religions.

3. On another blank map, illustrate a predicition of distribution 100 years from now.

Complete the "World Distribution and Size of Major World Religions" worksheet.

Following the prediction map, students should write a paragraph explainging their choices. This must be done on the back.

Assessment Plan

Share both written and map predictions in jigsaw groups.

Teacher will check in whole class to ensure accuracy of grapic organizer.

Students have opportunity to share predictions with whole class.

Created: 08/06/2008
Updated: 02/05/2018